Monday, April 21, 2014

Two Big [to me] Announcements

Well, it's my last day in the Carolinas, and it's been an absolute blast being back on my favorite coast and spending time with my family! It was so fun be with my parents on my birthday. This was the first time that's happened in six years!

So, since my birthday was over the weekend, and I'm no longer 25, that can only mean one thing: the deadline for 25 while 25 has passed!

Want to know what's so exciting I can barely stand it?! 

I did it!!!!!

[Big announcement #1]

Disclaimer: I still have the half-marathon to complete, but due to the April 27 race date, I set the allowance from the beginning that I had to accomplish it by the end of my birthday month.

This past year, it has been awesome to have a list of things to work towards - this list pushed me to try new things and have fun adventures with friends. Thank you all for your encouragement along the way!

[Big announcement #2 comes after the list]

Elizabeth's 25 While 25 List

1. Train for and run a half marathon

2. Dine/Shop at 15 new Keep it Local retailers/restaurants - Done!
Bow & Arrow Boutique
GoGo Sushi
Plenty Mercantile
Pie Junkie 
Urban Wineworks
Massive Downtown 
Kitchen No. 324
Tucker's Onion Burgers
Bricktown Brewery
Native Roots Market
Peloton Wine Bar & Cafe
Urban Johnnie
Crimson & Whipped Cream

3. Try 15 new recipes - Done!
Key Lime Pie (Summer 2013)
Five Alarm Chili (October 2013 - Momma's Receipe)
Baked Brie (November 2013 - Jill's Recipe) 
Twice Bake Potatoes (November 2013)
Sweet Potato Casserole (December 2013)
Pumpkin Cookies (December 2013 - Jill's Recipe)
Jell-O Shots (December 2013 - DOKC Christmas Party)
Pumpkin Dessert Squares (December 2013 - Williams Sonoma Recipe)
Chocolate Heath Bar Brownies (February 2014)
Mint Chocolate Chip Brownies (February 2014)
Roasted Cauliflower (March 2014)
Brown Butter Salted Caramel Cookies (April 2014)
Almond Toffee Butterscotch Blondies (April 2014)
Texas Sheet Cake Cookies (April 2014)
Nutella-Stuffed Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies (April 2014)

4. Pick 4 different organizations to volunteer with throughout the year - Done!
KOSU - pledge drive (October 2013)
Wiggle Out Loud - logistics committee chair (January - September 2014)
Educare - weekly reading buddy (February 2014 - present)
CVB: National Association of Sports Commissions Symposium (March 2014)

5. Take a calligraphy class - Done!
Completed December 15, 2013 - took a class in Dallas from Blue Eye Brown Eye - Blog post here 

6. Take an Illustrator class - Done!
Completed February 7-8, 2014 - took a 2-day workshop from CooperHouse - Blog post here 

7. Go for a run along the river in Tulsa - Done!
Completed March 23, 2014 - Blog post here

8. Get a massage Done!
Completed October 18, 2013

9. Get a facial - Done!
Completed March 8, 2014

10. Buy a new purse - Done!
This one feels silly now that I've received four as gifts in 2013 - still counting it though!

11. Send a care package to 3 different people - Done!
Mommacita, Chelsey, Sweet friend who is one of the best encouragers I know

12. Throw a party inspired by one of the ideas I've pinned on Pinterest - Done!
Completed April 5, 2014 - Blog post here

13. Read 5 new books - Done!
The Wedding Night, Sophie Kinsella (Finished July 4, 2013)
I've Got Your Number (Finished January 7, 2014)
Always Something There to Remind me (Finished January 12, 2014)
The Fault in Our Stars (Finished February 2, 2014)
When in Doubt, Add Butter (Finished April 16, 2014)

14. Give up sweets for a month - Done!
Completed January 2014

15. Fly a kite - Done!
Completed April 12, 2014

16. Donate blood - Done!
Completed March 24, 2014 - Blog post here

17. Take a spur of the moment trip home - Done!
Completed February 2014 - surprised Momma for her birthday - Blog post here

18. Watch 5 of the movies that people can't believe I've never seen - Done!
The Breakfast Club - watched March 16
Ferris Bueller's Day Off - watched March 16

Pretty in Pink - watched March 25
Say Anything - watched March 26
A League of Their Own - watched April 5

19. Put $25, at a minimum, in savings every month - Done!

20. Try 25 new "tastes" - Done!
Cuban Sandwich
Chorizo Taco (Chef Rick Bayless event - June 2013) 
Eggs Benedict (June 2013)
Macaroons (New York City - July 2013)
Eggplant Parmesan (Kasey Scott's Recipe - August 2013)
Hatch Chile Pimento Cheese (September 2013) - I've had plenty of pimento cheese in my life, but the hatch chile was a new taste for me!
Duck (March of Dimes Event - November 2013)
Brussels Sprouts (Kaiteki Ramen c/o Marshall - November 2013)
Quail (Cheever's for Sis's birthday - December 2013)
Beets (The Wedge c/o Marshall - December 2013)
Raw Tuna (Go Go Sushi - December 2013)
Tofu (Go Go Sushi - January 2014)
Quinoa (Kimmy's Recipe - January 2014)
Beef Jerky (Road trip with Brandi and Jill - January 2014)
Banana Pepper (Knucks Wheelhouse - January 2014)
Capers (Knucks Wheelhouse - January 2014)
Gyro Meat (Ol' Gyro - January 2014)
Tabbouleh (Ol' Gyro - January 2014)
Pork Egg Rolls (Go Go Sushi - January 2014)
Havarti Cheese (Jill's House - January 2014)
Panna Cotta (Taste of OKC - February 2014)
Vanilla Almond Milk (Kimmy & Erick - February 2014)
Pho (Office Lunch at Mr. Pho - February 2014)
Pad Thai (c/o AJ at Mr. Pho - February 2014) 
Poutine (Girls Night with Kimmy at The Mule - February 2014)

21. Take a roadtrip to see a corral of buffalo - Done!
Completed January 19, 2014 - Blog post here

22. Learn how to make sushi - Done!
Completed April 8, 2014 - Blog post here

23. Take a day and walk all seven of the downtown districts - Done!
Completed June 26, 2013 - Blog post here 

24. Make plans for a girl's weekend with Kimmy - Done!
Completed February 2014 - Courtesy of frozen hot water pipes

25. Write a letter to myself that I open at age 30 - Done!
Completed November 2013. Updated January 2014. 

It's going to sound silly, but I can't stop looking at this list. I'm so proud of what it represents, and there are so many memories that go with each item. This list wasn't a solo effort. So many of my friends recommended new tastes, tagged along on road trips, and many have also contributed to the formation of my 26 while 26 list!

That's right - the fun isn't over. [Hopefully you're as excited about this as I am!]

26 while 26 has more "adventure" type goals on this list, and I am so ready to get started... right after I complete those pesky 13.1 miles!

xoxo, E

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