Tuesday, March 10, 2015

New Cards Available!

I am really excited to share the new cards that have just been added to the Loops & Belles online store! I started this business because I wanted to make cards that express sentiments that many of us really think and say.

Take this first card for example... I love a good wedding as much as the next gal, but my favorite part? The cake!

Winter was pretty brutal to us here in OKC last week, but this week is a different story. Warmer temps remind me that spring is right around the corner, and with spring comes wedding season, graduation, and Mother's Day! 

I'm also really excited to share the Father's Day cards that we've been cooking up here in the next few weeks!

xoxo, E

Monday, March 9, 2015

New Retailers Announcement

It's been a little quiet here on the blog due to some big things happening for Loops & Belles!

First up - we have two new retailers! 

Bow & Arrow is a boutique in downtown Oklahoma City, and I'm absolutely thrilled with how Courtney has the cards displayed in the shop.

Surroundings is the newest Loops & Belles retailer, and they'll be carrying 15 of the designs starting next week. They're also the first North Carolina retailer for L&B! 

Even more exciting -- my mom got to be a part of this milestone on her birthday! She's my biggest cheerleader, so it was really special to have her there.

Tomorrow I'll be sharing a few of newest additions to the Loops & Belles collection!!

xoxo, E

P.S. There's no jumping picture in front of Surroundings due to a minor wardrobe malfunction... but here are two bloopers for you!

1. Pre-Jump - check out that pliƩ!
2. Practicing our jump picture-taking skills at home and showing Nanny how a photo burst works.