Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Before Pics

I didn't take any pics before I painted the paint swatches, but here are the official "before" pics of my first house!

I can hardly wait to paint, move in and decorate!! xoxo, E

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Color Inspiration - Funny story included

Hi, my name is Elizabeth, and I am obsessed with gray walls. I simply adore them.

Clearly I am seizing the opportunity to paint the walls of my beautiful little bungalow the perfect shade of gray. I picked the gray that's circled on the left. I can't wait to see how great the walls look - especially with bright white, glossy woodwork! 

I originally ordered wallpaper for my kitchen. However, this girl got a little eager and forgot the walls are textured in the kitchen. After consulting my new favorite handyman, I decided to save myself the headache - and the dust - of sanding down the texture. 

Vicky - my decorating advisor - went paint shopping with me on Sunday and selected the winning color: Tantalizing Teal! I told her I wanted to do something similar to Jess' bedroom from "New Girl," and I'm really happy with the choice!

I've also decided to repaint the front door - I love the red, but there's a "worn" treatment that I'm not a fan of. While browsing Instagram last week, I discovered the perfect door color! I'm so excited to see the finished product!

The title of the post promised a funny story - and a funny story you shall receive...

I went to the house the day after I closed and painted a few (read: 8) squares of gray paint to be sure I was happy with the color throughout the house. As I was running the brush up and down the walls, the thought crossed my mind, "Wouldn't it be terrible if I dropped paint on the hardwoods?" This was prior to the water being turned on in the house - and I had just used the last napkin in my car that morning.

Literally, seconds after I thought that thought, I saw paint fall from the brush to the hardwoods - slow motion style. What's a girl to do with no water and no towels?! I am (slightly) embarrassed to admit that my first instinct was to rip off my t-shirt and save my floors. Luckily I was able to slip back into my jacket before any of my neighbors saw the indecency. Talk about a first impression...

Momma is the BEST and is flying out this week to paint my house for me. I think you would fall out of your chair if you knew how expensive the quotes were! I am so thankful for such an amazingly talented mom.

Excited to share the "after" pics soon!
xoxo, E

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Embarrassing Moment: First-Time Homeowner Edition

I think I went by my house 4 or 5 times the first weekend that it was "mine."

When Momma and I went on the 15th (closing day), we realized the water had been turned off. "No worries, I just need to call Monday and get it setup in my name and turned back on."

When I took the DOKC girls by on Sunday, it was FREEZING. Well, not literally, but it was 58 degrees in the house. That's too cold folks! "Okay, I need to call the electric company on Monday and get the heat turned back on."

Fast forward to Monday morning, and after about 30 minutes, both accounts were setup in my name. Woot! Go me! Kicking homeowner booty and taking names!

I stopped by the house Monday night - no water yet and it was still pretty chilly. "Maybe they didn't get around to turning it back on today. I'm sure it'll be better tomorrow."

I went by the house Tuesday afternoon - still no water, and it was 55 degrees. "Ugh! This is so frustrating!" Stress, stress, stress. This worrier started panicking that something was wrong with the heating system.

It's now Wednesday morning, I'm brushing my teeth, and cue the lightbulb overhead! I quickly scroll through my "sent" email folder and find the email with answers regarding my house that the insurance company needed. There it was... in big bold letters... well not really, but it felt that way. My heat is (drumroll) -- GAS!

I promptly called the gas company, got my account setup and scheduled the appointment to have my gas turned on. When I went to the house for the "initiation" on Thursday, I was one happy girl!

Running water, operational gas AND a Target coupon waiting for me in my mailbox! #HomeownerSuccess

I never thought I'd get so excited over water and heat!
xoxo, E

Monday, March 25, 2013

MY first house

I need to own the fact that keeping this little corner of the blogosphere updated on a daily basis just isn't going to happen. But I have a lot of updates to share over the next few days! Including lots of "before" moments.

Quick surgery update: all went well and incisions are looking good. Stitches come out April 3rd, and I'm so ready for that day to be here!

Okay, back to the fun stuff - MY FIRST HOUSE!
  • I closed on March 15th and overwhelming joy and excitement hit me as soon as those keys were in my hands! 

  • Momma and I didn't waste any time - we went straight to the house - MY house!
  • My realtor was so sweet and gave me this beautiful lantern from Pottery Barn! 
  • First order of business was to have the locks changed! 
  • My sweet friend, Vicky, came and kept me company while the locksmith worked his magic. I'm so happy she was my first non-family visitor! Girlfriend was more excited about me getting a house that I was!
  • Vicky was also my first piece of non-bill/new service notice mail at the new house! How appropriate!
  • My second house warming gift came from another dear friend, Kelly (and her hubby). I squealed and did a little happy dance when she gave me my colorful welcome mat!
  • We spent a little time shopping Saturday, and I picked up the buffalo mat for the back porch.
  • Another squeal-induced housewarming gift was courtesy of my boss' hubby, Josh. He's such a talented photographer - actually he's quick the Josh of all trades - and he gifted me prints of two of my favorites shots that he's captured!

Funny "first time homeowner" story to share tomorrow!
xoxo, E

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Week-end Roundup

It was a crazy last half of the week and weekend - So much going on and so much fun!

  • First up, my house inspection was on Wednesday - and overall, it went VERY well! Minor repairs, but luckily they all fall under the amount that the seller agreed to pay to repair. Hallelujah!! This is what a home inspection looks like from my point of view. Lots of sitting and anxiously waiting!
  • And just in case you wanted to see it again - because I definitely never get tired of looking at it - here's my lovely little bungalow - MINE!!!!
  • I spent a great deal of time Thursday and Friday calling about homeowner's insurance quotes - did you know that Oklahoma is the 3rd most expensive state to insure your home? That's right! (Florida and Texas are #1 and #2, respectively - you're welcome for that bit of useless info)
  • There is a lot that must be done to acquire a mortgage loan - whew! 
  • We have the best group in our office - when one suffers, we all suffer. Cameron and I had migraines on Friday afternoon, so everyone donned their sunnies to shield the bright lights of the office!
  • Friday night a group of us met up for drinks and then went to a birthday party for one of the DJs for The Spy FM, a locally owned and operated radio station here in town. The Electro Lounge re-opened for the event, and boy did we have a good time - glow necklaces and all!

  • Saturday was a very relaxing day of finally taking the time to put away the clothes and shoes that piled up on various chairs in my apartment throughout the week. 
  • I took a little time to switch all the dry cleaner hangers in my closet to the slim line. I have had the new hangers sitting in my closet for WEEKS! Time just slips away! Turns out a few of the throw away hangers made a perfect rainbow - OCD much? hehe

  • I finally switched my year-round tree to OKC Thunder colors!!
  • If you need me in the next - oh, couple of months - you will likely find me in Home Depot. I literally squealed when one of the associates showed me this kit where you can treat your tub and make it sparkly white again! 
  • Can we also talk about how great the customer service is at Home Depot? 
    It's bomb dot com.

  • While driving on Saturday, I happened to spot this new Thunder Up! graffiti and had to snap a pic!!

  • And to round out this roundup post, our Spring Events video for work is complete! If you are so inclined to watch, here's the link. Can we talk about how awkward this thumbnail pic is of me? Gotta laugh!

Alrighty, it's time to get ready for a busy week of events. It's Downtown Employee Appreciation Week, so we have awesome free events everyday for downtown employees! Have a great week!
    xoxo, E