Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Color Inspiration - Funny story included

Hi, my name is Elizabeth, and I am obsessed with gray walls. I simply adore them.

Clearly I am seizing the opportunity to paint the walls of my beautiful little bungalow the perfect shade of gray. I picked the gray that's circled on the left. I can't wait to see how great the walls look - especially with bright white, glossy woodwork! 

I originally ordered wallpaper for my kitchen. However, this girl got a little eager and forgot the walls are textured in the kitchen. After consulting my new favorite handyman, I decided to save myself the headache - and the dust - of sanding down the texture. 

Vicky - my decorating advisor - went paint shopping with me on Sunday and selected the winning color: Tantalizing Teal! I told her I wanted to do something similar to Jess' bedroom from "New Girl," and I'm really happy with the choice!

I've also decided to repaint the front door - I love the red, but there's a "worn" treatment that I'm not a fan of. While browsing Instagram last week, I discovered the perfect door color! I'm so excited to see the finished product!

The title of the post promised a funny story - and a funny story you shall receive...

I went to the house the day after I closed and painted a few (read: 8) squares of gray paint to be sure I was happy with the color throughout the house. As I was running the brush up and down the walls, the thought crossed my mind, "Wouldn't it be terrible if I dropped paint on the hardwoods?" This was prior to the water being turned on in the house - and I had just used the last napkin in my car that morning.

Literally, seconds after I thought that thought, I saw paint fall from the brush to the hardwoods - slow motion style. What's a girl to do with no water and no towels?! I am (slightly) embarrassed to admit that my first instinct was to rip off my t-shirt and save my floors. Luckily I was able to slip back into my jacket before any of my neighbors saw the indecency. Talk about a first impression...

Momma is the BEST and is flying out this week to paint my house for me. I think you would fall out of your chair if you knew how expensive the quotes were! I am so thankful for such an amazingly talented mom.

Excited to share the "after" pics soon!
xoxo, E

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