Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Embarrassing Moment: First-Time Homeowner Edition

I think I went by my house 4 or 5 times the first weekend that it was "mine."

When Momma and I went on the 15th (closing day), we realized the water had been turned off. "No worries, I just need to call Monday and get it setup in my name and turned back on."

When I took the DOKC girls by on Sunday, it was FREEZING. Well, not literally, but it was 58 degrees in the house. That's too cold folks! "Okay, I need to call the electric company on Monday and get the heat turned back on."

Fast forward to Monday morning, and after about 30 minutes, both accounts were setup in my name. Woot! Go me! Kicking homeowner booty and taking names!

I stopped by the house Monday night - no water yet and it was still pretty chilly. "Maybe they didn't get around to turning it back on today. I'm sure it'll be better tomorrow."

I went by the house Tuesday afternoon - still no water, and it was 55 degrees. "Ugh! This is so frustrating!" Stress, stress, stress. This worrier started panicking that something was wrong with the heating system.

It's now Wednesday morning, I'm brushing my teeth, and cue the lightbulb overhead! I quickly scroll through my "sent" email folder and find the email with answers regarding my house that the insurance company needed. There it was... in big bold letters... well not really, but it felt that way. My heat is (drumroll) -- GAS!

I promptly called the gas company, got my account setup and scheduled the appointment to have my gas turned on. When I went to the house for the "initiation" on Thursday, I was one happy girl!

Running water, operational gas AND a Target coupon waiting for me in my mailbox! #HomeownerSuccess

I never thought I'd get so excited over water and heat!
xoxo, E

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