Monday, March 25, 2013

MY first house

I need to own the fact that keeping this little corner of the blogosphere updated on a daily basis just isn't going to happen. But I have a lot of updates to share over the next few days! Including lots of "before" moments.

Quick surgery update: all went well and incisions are looking good. Stitches come out April 3rd, and I'm so ready for that day to be here!

Okay, back to the fun stuff - MY FIRST HOUSE!
  • I closed on March 15th and overwhelming joy and excitement hit me as soon as those keys were in my hands! 

  • Momma and I didn't waste any time - we went straight to the house - MY house!
  • My realtor was so sweet and gave me this beautiful lantern from Pottery Barn! 
  • First order of business was to have the locks changed! 
  • My sweet friend, Vicky, came and kept me company while the locksmith worked his magic. I'm so happy she was my first non-family visitor! Girlfriend was more excited about me getting a house that I was!
  • Vicky was also my first piece of non-bill/new service notice mail at the new house! How appropriate!
  • My second house warming gift came from another dear friend, Kelly (and her hubby). I squealed and did a little happy dance when she gave me my colorful welcome mat!
  • We spent a little time shopping Saturday, and I picked up the buffalo mat for the back porch.
  • Another squeal-induced housewarming gift was courtesy of my boss' hubby, Josh. He's such a talented photographer - actually he's quick the Josh of all trades - and he gifted me prints of two of my favorites shots that he's captured!

Funny "first time homeowner" story to share tomorrow!
xoxo, E

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  1. I have been dying over those green grass mats! I follow them on instagram and recently they posted a monogram mat that I feel most certainly needs to be yours :) Hope you have one more door, go get it!