Monday, September 30, 2013

Update 25w25

So, it's been a while since my last "25 while 25" update... and I'm nervous to see the progress, or lack thereof, that I've made. But here we go, let's be authentic!

1. Train for and run a half marathon
This goal may have to extend to "25 while 25 - or through my birth month, even if I'm 26." The half marathon I'd hoped to run this fall just isn't going to happen. It's now October and a month of time that I'd planned on training has passed me by. I'm hoping the Spring will be a different story! This will NOT be the item that keeps my 25w25 from being a success!

2. Try 15 new Keep it Local retailers/restaurants
  • I haven't been great about keeping track of this, but the only addition I think I can make is Bricktown Brewery.
In preparation for this post, I got very "Elizabeth" about this goal and decided the only way to achieve it was to get serious and get organized... so, I downloaded the official merchant list for Keep it Local and I've highlighted some spots I want to try. I've also recruited some friends to venture out with me!

3. Try 15 new recipes
So, I should probably start working on this one. But, my friend Bobbie started a new blog this week, and she's doing meal planning! I might just start with a couple of her recipes!

5. Take a calligraphy class
I'm signed up to take a class on December 4th in Dallas, and I'm absolutely GIDDY about it!

10. Buy a new purse
I've been surprised with a couple new purses... does that count?
Phillip Lim for Target//Kate Spade//Kate Spade

11. Send a care package to 3 different people, just because
Sent a necklace to Mommacita from Bow & Arrow

13. Read 5 new books
I'm still "in progress" with the last update -- that's embarrassing

14. Give up sweets for a month
I start October 1st - pray for me - and those around me!

19. Put $25, at a minimum, in savings every month
So far so good!

20. Try 25 new "tastes"
I had my first macaroon when Mommacita and I were in NYC. For those of you who love these French cookies, I'm sure the idea that I first tried one at the old age of 25 is appalling, but now I can say that I have! Added eggplant parmesan - courtesy of "Chef Kasey." I'm working on getting him to teach me to cook. Also, I tried Hatch Chile Pimento Cheese. I've had plenty of pimento cheese in my life, but the hatch chile was a new taste for me!

25. Write a letter to myself that I open at age 30
Boy oh boy, I am going to have a lot of material for this one... navigating life sure seems hard at times!

I'm glad to be back to blogging - but I'm also glad to be refocused on my 25w25 list! Here's to setting - and achieving - goals! xoxo, E

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Life according to...

Life has been crazy... You know how I know?

Life according to my laundry room:
1. the clothes that are currently going in the dryer have been "reset" 3 times to get the wrinkles out because I've forgotten they were in there.
2. the tubs and boxes that I moved to my laundry room, while I got my garage drywalled, were just recently moved back out to the garage - even though the work was finished a week (or two... or three...) ago. Ok fine, the work was finished on September 4th.

Life according to my guest bedroom:
1. the pile of "recently worn" clothes on the bed is insane - and don't get me started on the 4 piles of clean, folded laundry - obviously, I didn't forget those were in the dryer. I promise there's a twin bed under all that.
2. the amount of jewelry on top of my dresser isn't because I've been in a rush (or too lazy) to put it away - it's a much more efficient way for me to survey what I have. (please just smile and nod along with me)

Life according to my blog:
1. my last post was July 12th
2. enough said

Life according to my Instagram: (okay, this is where it'll get fun!)
  • I got to interview Chris Wiser, of the Sugar Free Allstars - as well as someone who has become a dear friend - about his kindie rock festival Wiggle Out Loud.

Can we be real here for a second? The wind was CRAZY the day we filmed - Gentry and I both did our best to keep our hair looking flowy - but I'm pretty sure it just looked crazy... and let's also acknowledge that my totally adorable top is totally unflattering in this video. Boo.

  •  I took a little road trip and visited a Route 66 landmark
  • The new KOSU studios opened in downtown OKC
  • I had a blast with friends at our monthly food truck festival. #OKCNightMarket
  • We had two kick booty events in one weekend at work - one, we got to deliver free ice cream to downtown employees, while driving Smart cars. The other, we had an awesome family-friendly festival on the Bricktown Canal.

  • Sidenote: how awesome is this caricature by Quit Nguyen of the ladies on our DOKC staff!
  • We started a new monthly event in the historic Automobile Alley district - called Shop Hop - and it was a HUGE success!
  • We turned parking spaces downtown into mini parks - or parklets.
  • The mayor even stopped by our parklet in the heart of downtown!
  • Oh, I also started a part-time job at the cutest boutique downtown, Bow & Arrow. I work for 5 hours each Saturday and my wardrobe is already thanking me!
  • I have started helping out more at The Spy. Ferr and I recorded some spots to promote the "Art on the Record" project for KOSU's new studios. 

Have I totally overwhelmed you with pictures? It's been a crazy couple of months, and the next couple will be even crazier! But this is the time of year that I love my job the most. The holidays are quickly approaching and we have a bunch of upcoming events! I really want to be better about updating my blog, so feel free to send me a text or two (Mommacita, Kimmy and Bobbie, I'm looking at you) to keep me accountable...

I better go fold those clothes in the dryer - the timer went off 20 minutes ago.
xoxo, E