Friday, June 28, 2013

5 Things Friday

Jumping on the 5 Things Friday bandwagon with all the other bloggers out there!

1. We're taking a quick trip to Dallas this weekend! I'm super excited to spend some time in one of my favorite cities. I see some quality time at Northpark Mall, Crate and Barrel (I've got a house warming giftcard burning a hole in my pocket), Ikea and more in my future!

2. I will be in NYC in less than 1 week with Mommacita! I can barely contain my excitement!! Trips to Manhattan with Momma are some of my most cherished memories. I know we're going to have a great time! I really hope we're able to stop by the new Kate Spade store as well!
We've already got our tickets to Motown (my friend Daniel is in the show - can't wait to see him!) and Kinky Boots (this year's Tony winner). Hoping to get tickets to Matilda as well.

3. I tried chorizo this week at the Rick Bayless event! Add it to the new "tastes" list on my 25 while 25!

4. I've made a couple more updates to the house... Super excited for the monogramed euro sham for my guest room! Inspiration photo below as well.


5. I started reading Sophie Kinsella's latest book, "Wedding Night." And it's so good - as are all her books! Once I finish this one, I have Sophie's "I've got your number" to read!


Have a great weekend!!! xoxo, E

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Bunny

Have you heard of the Summer Bunny? I hadn't either! 

Well turns out, he's quite a lot like the Easter Bunny, except he comes in the summer... Ferr was kind enough to deliver the package from Mr. Summer Bunny - a brand new Erin Condren planner!

Apparently, he wasn't exactly sure which accessories to get, so he got them all. Silly Summer Bunny!

I used my last planner to keep track of appointments, plan blog posts, chart my exercise routines, etc.

Two of the new accessories this year are the elastic bands that keep the planner from opening up in your bag and the pen holder. I was also pretty psyched to get the EC pens, one of last year's new products!

I am also a sticky note girl, so you can imagine my elation over these peel & stick notepads! 

The Erin Condren team also made the month tabs bigger - and easier to read - as well as added a "notes" tab! I'm so excited for these changes to make the planner easier to use.

I'm so excited for July 1st to get here so I can start using my new planner! 
Isn't my cover just the cutest? The Summer Bunny did very well indeed! xoxo, E

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Chef Rick Bayless, Ladies and Gentlemen

After the May 20th tornado came through Oklahoma, our amazing state came together to raise as much money as possible for aid organizations.

Over the last 2 weeks, I've had the pleasure of being on the planning committee for one of the OK Chefs Relief events. This event in particular featured Rick Bayless...  I'll pause for squeals, "oh my gosh" moments and possibly fainting... Well, that was pretty much my reaction when I found out he was coming back to OKC.

This is my favorite picture of Jilly - and Chef Jonathon Stranger. She obviously knew I was taking this "candid planning meeting" pic and couldn't contain her giggles. 

There were 3 events on the agenda for Monday, June 24th. The first event, the one we were a part of, was a street taco event. Since the event was on the plaza of our office building downtown, we took on the responsibility for the event setup logistics.

What all does that entail? Well, it meant hanging out with my Kimmy at 6am on Monday morning to get the prep space ready for the chefs.


Grills being delivered over the weekend

Once we had the patio all set, the chefs arrived and started loading in their food and supplies. After a quick staff meeting, I was back out on the patio and had to contain my excitement when I spotted him... Chef Rick Bayless, ladies and gentlemen!

I felt like I was back at Disney World as a child... Mommacita and Papas always had to say, "Go on up there honey, ask the character for their autograph!" I finally worked up the courage to ask Rick for a photo. He was so kind and obliged! Eek!!!

The street tacos were absolutely delicious, and I'm totally in love with the sauce from the chicken taco. Turns out I can buy it at Whole Foods! Yippee!!

This was an incredibly successful event, and we raised a lot of money for Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma! Here are all of the amazing chef's that made the event possible!

Oh, Rumble also showed up at the event - we know I'm a pretty big fan...

... and it turns out Rick Bayless is too!

We had such a great time at this event, and even though it was a pretty hot Oklahoma day, it was well worth it to work with great chefs and raise money to help those in need! xoxo, E

Friday, June 21, 2013

Weekend Love

It's finally Friday! Strut your stuff and have a fabulous weekend! xoxo, E
photo cred: George and Ruby

Thursday, June 20, 2013

About Me

I can never seem to put into words who I am, or rather I can't seem to do it without rattling off a list of descriptors - Carolina girl, performer, creative, perfectionist, crazy organized, sassy, energetic, introvert, thinker, etc. - so, an "About Me" for this little blog is nearly impossible.

As I'm midway through my 20's, I'm starting to realize that everyone who says "you change so much in your 20's" is dead-on. 

I thought that I figured out who I was when I was in college. Nope.

Then, once I had my first "big kid job" I thought I knew. Definitely not.

Once I started at DOKC, and found myself so happy in my job, I was certain that I had finally landed on who "I am."

I think what I've finally realized is that I will never be able to say, "This is it. This is who I am." I think it will always be changing and evolving. The trick is to not only be okay with that transformation, but to welcome it! 

Nothing will ever be like it was, but is that bad? Do we really want to live our lives like Groundhog Day? Doing the same thing over and over again... Not me. 

I feel the most like myself now than I have in such a long time. I am perfectly pleased with my house, my job, my friendships - my life! 

I'm sure I'll look back in a couple years and think "Oh that 25 year old version of me thought she had it all figured out" - I definitely don't claim to know it all. But man, I sure am having fun on this journey through my twenties and plan on soaking up every adventure and opportunity that comes my way!

"Surround yourself with the dreamers and the doers, the believers and thinkers, but most of all, surround yourself with those who see the greatness within you, even when you don’t see it yourself." Edmund Lee

Most people have seen this video, but I just can't help but feel like her attitude is exactly what's going on in my head and heart right now! xoxo, E

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hashtag UrbanWalk

23. Take a day and walk all seven of the downtown districts

In preparation for the above item on my 25 while 25 list, I decided to see just how long it would take to walk through the 7 downtown districts by breaking the trek up over 2 hot, humid, sticky and gross evenings.

The first evening consisted of a very long and maze-like walk through the Central Business District. Since this is the district I work in, sometimes I really enjoy walking the streets and surveying the buildings without all the hustle and bustle of the work day.
I didn't have great structure in my walking plan, so I meandered through a few of the other districts, but there's no photo proof. I also went a little off course with a walk through Midtown, my favorite district, but it's not technically included in the 7 districts of downtown. 

Up next, Auto Alley! There is so much great retail and restaurants on this little strip of downtown. Not to mention the sub-district of 9th Street. Auto Alley is also my favorite stop during Downtown in December.  
Total Time - 1 hour (oh and there was about a 5 minute detour when I bumped into sweet CC and chatted about her new apt and job)

The second evening started in Deep Deuce (not pictured) and after a walk down the Walnut Street Bridge - no one ever wants to walk/run/bike UP the bridge, that's for sure - I was in Bricktown! There were a lot of people walking around because of a Red Hawks game and the general hubbub of our entertainment district.

The arts district in downtown is definitely a beauty to walk - You've got the Myriad Gardens, Civic Center Music Hall, Museum of Art and more! I particularly enjoyed the tree lined sidewalks on this portion of the walk.

Film Row is quickly finding itself in the Top 3 of my Favorite Districts List. We did staff headshots a couple weeks ago and mine was taken on Film Row. I love how wide the streets are, the neon signs on the businesses, the district marker signs, the awesome brick/concrete benches and it's also the home of Joey's Pizza. (I may or may not be the duchess of Joey's on Yelp) 

The clock tower in the Park Plaza district has always been a landmark that I love in downtown. So naturally, I had to include it on my walk. 

Total Time - 5 Districts in 1 hour, 10 minutes

Now that I know it'll take me about an hour and forty-five minutes to walk all 7 downtown districts, I'm ready to do it and check #23 off my list of 25 things to do while I'm 25

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Couldn't live without... turned hodge podge

"Carolina girls, best in the world. You're so fine, girl you're one of a kind..."
(The ringtone for when my mom is calling)
"Hey Momma!"
"I think I messed up..."

No good conversation starts that way. Long story short, Momma plugged Nanny's iPhone into our home computer to update her software and accidentally syned Nanny's phone with Momma's iPhone backup. All of Nanny's contacts - and apps - were gone.

I tried to keep calm, but all I could think was, "why is there no 'undo' button in iTunes?!" 

What did I do next? Call Kimmy's hubby, Erick. Once an Apple Genius, always an Apple Genius.

He told me that if Nanny was using iCloud, we should be able to erase and restore her phone from the backup. Naturally, I thought, "There's no way Nanny uses iCloud - I don't even know how to use it."

Fortunately, I was wrong and we were able to get all her data back in a couple easy steps. I've never heard such relief and excitement in my Momma's voice.

Moral of the story: Eliz, figure out how to use iCloud. (Don't worry, I back up my phone to my computer, but you never know if it'll give out one day too)

This got me thinking though, when it comes to my phone, if it crashed, how helpless would I feel? What would I not be able to live without?
  • Contacts - I don't know anyone's phone number outside of my parents, Nanny and our office. Thank goodness for Twitter and Facebook in case of emergency!
  • Photos - This is a biggie. I take oh so many photos. If I lost them, I think I'd have an emotional breakdown
  • Calendars - I feel like I am constantly looking at my calendar on my phone - I really need to have a paper copy as well, ya know, in case of emergency
  • Group text - This is definitely a luxury, and wouldn't be affected if all my phone data disappeared, but I've grown quite accustomed to group texts - especially with my DOKC girls - and I would definitely feel its absence

Random Sidenote: Had a pretty awesome moment yesterday while doing a walkthrough for an event. Chef Rick Bayless is coming to OKC next Monday to participate in an event to raise money for tornado victims. 

Well, today, I was able to contain my starstruck-ness enough to be calm and cool in front of Chef Pork Belly (as he's known on Twitter). His look is unmistakeable, and the tattoo of a pig on his forearm is pretty darn recognizable too. Not to mention my obsession with Top Chef - he was a contestant.

We even had a fun little inside joke involving pivots and jazz hands. Loving this Vine video of our meeting. 

This is turning into such a hodge podge post - apologies! 

Yesterday was Kimmy's birthday, and I stopped by her office to surprise her. These might be two of the best pictures of us - pure silliness! She's the only girl I know who's developed a hashtag for the entire month of her birth. #MonthOfKim

Roo Roo is my favorite guy in town... look at those eyes! Ferr has been a little under the weather lately, so I've been hanging out with the dudes a lot and helping out.
We did a little scouting for one of the items on my 25 while 25 list this weekend. Can't wait to share it with you tomorrow! Pretty sure I'll be able to check something off the list soon! xoxo, E

Monday, June 17, 2013

25 while 25

Elizabeth's List of 25 Things to Accomplish While 25 Years Old:

1. Train for and run a half marathon - Done!
Completed April 27, 2014 - Blog post here

2. Dine/Shop at 15 new Keep it Local retailers/restaurants - Done!
Bow & Arrow Boutique
GoGo Sushi
Plenty Mercantile
Pie Junkie 
Urban Wineworks
Massive Downtown 
Kitchen No. 324
Tucker's Onion Burgers
Bricktown Brewery
Native Roots Market
Peloton Wine Bar & Cafe
Urban Johnnie
Crimson & Whipped Cream

3. Try 15 new recipes - Done!
Key Lime Pie (Summer 2013)
Five Alarm Chili (October 2013 - Momma's Receipe)
Baked Brie (November 2013 - Jill's Recipe) 
Twice Bake Potatoes (November 2013)
Sweet Potato Casserole (December 2013)
Pumpkin Cookies (December 2013 - Jill's Recipe)
Jell-O Shots (December 2013 - DOKC Christmas Party)
Pumpkin Dessert Squares (December 2013 - Williams Sonoma Recipe)
Chocolate Heath Bar Brownies (February 2014)
Mint Chocolate Chip Brownies (February 2014)
Roasted Cauliflower (March 2014)
Brown Butter Salted Caramel Cookies (April 2014)
Almond Toffee Butterscotch Blondies (April 2014)
Texas Sheet Cake Cookies (April 2014)
Nutella-Stuffed Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies (April 2014)

4. Pick 4 different organizations to volunteer with throughout the year - Done!
KOSU - pledge drive (October 2013)
Wiggle Out Loud - logistics committee chair (January - September 2014)
Educare - weekly reading buddy (February 2014 - present)
CVB: National Association of Sports Commissions Symposium (March 2014)

5. Take a calligraphy class - Done!
Completed December 15, 2013 - took a class in Dallas from Blue Eye Brown Eye - Blog post here 

6. Take an Illustrator class - Done!
Completed February 7-8, 2014 - took a 2-day workshop from CooperHouse - Blog post here 

7. Go for a run along the river in Tulsa - Done!
Completed March 23, 2014 - Blog post here

8. Get a massage Done!
Completed October 18, 2013

9. Get a facial - Done!
Completed March 8, 2014

10. Buy a new purse - Done!
This one feels silly now that I've received four as gifts in 2013 - still counting it though!

11. Send a care package to 3 different people - Done!
Mommacita, Chelsey, Sweet friend who is one of the best encouragers I know

12. Throw a party inspired by one of the ideas I've pinned on Pinterest - Done!
Completed April 5, 2014 - Blog post here

13. Read 5 new books - Done!
The Wedding Night, Sophie Kinsella (Finished July 4, 2013)
I've Got Your Number (Finished January 7, 2014)
Always Something There to Remind me (Finished January 12, 2014)
The Fault in Our Stars (Finished February 2, 2014)
When in Doubt, Add Butter (Finished April 16, 2014)

14. Give up sweets for a month - Done!
Completed January 2014

15. Fly a kite - Done!
Completed April 12, 2014

16. Donate blood - Done!
Completed March 24, 2014 - Blog post here

17. Take a spur of the moment trip home - Done!
Completed February 2014 - surprised Momma for her birthday - Blog post here

18. Watch 5 of the movies that people can't believe I've never seen - Done!
The Breakfast Club - watched March 16
Ferris Bueller's Day Off - watched March 16

Pretty in Pink - watched March 25
Say Anything - watched March 26
A League of Their Own - watched April 5

19. Put $25, at a minimum, in savings every month - Done!

20. Try 25 new "tastes" - Done!
Cuban Sandwich
Chorizo Taco (Chef Rick Bayless event - June 2013) 
Eggs Benedict (June 2013)
Macaroons (New York City - July 2013)
Eggplant Parmesan (Kasey Scott's Recipe - August 2013)
Hatch Chile Pimento Cheese (September 2013) - I've had plenty of pimento cheese in my life, but the hatch chile was a new taste for me!
Duck (March of Dimes Event - November 2013)
Brussels Sprouts (Kaiteki Ramen c/o Marshall - November 2013)
Quail (Cheever's for Sis's birthday - December 2013)
Beets (The Wedge c/o Marshall - December 2013)
Raw Tuna (Go Go Sushi - December 2013)
Tofu (Go Go Sushi - January 2014)
Quinoa (Kimmy's Recipe - January 2014)
Beef Jerky (Road trip with Brandi and Jill - January 2014)
Banana Pepper (Knucks Wheelhouse - January 2014)
Capers (Knucks Wheelhouse - January 2014)
Gyro Meat (Ol' Gyro - January 2014)
Tabbouleh (Ol' Gyro - January 2014)
Pork Egg Rolls (Go Go Sushi - January 2014)
Havarti Cheese (Jill's House - January 2014)
Panna Cotta (Taste of OKC - February 2014)
Vanilla Almond Milk (Kimmy & Erick - February 2014)
Pho (Office Lunch at Mr. Pho - February 2014)
Pad Thai (c/o AJ at Mr. Pho - February 2014) 
Poutine (Girls Night with Kimmy at The Mule - February 2014)

21. Take a roadtrip to see a corral of buffalo - Done!
Completed January 19, 2014 - Blog post here

22. Learn how to make sushi - Done!
Completed April 8, 2014 - Blog post here

23. Take a day and walk all seven of the downtown districts - Done!
Completed June 26, 2013 - Blog post here 

24. Make plans for a girl's weekend with Kimmy - Done!
Completed February 2014 - Courtesy of frozen hot water pipes

25. Write a letter to myself that I open at age 30 - Done!
Completed November 2013. Updated January 2014. 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Stagnant Summer

Taking an oh so brief step away from vacations, house updates, pretty things and fun parties for a little bit of real talk.Am I the only one that feels a little bit of the summer lull creeping in? Does anyone else even experience the stagnant summer feeling? Maybe it's just me...

I feel like every couple of months I get this discontent feeling - and actually I've just completed the longest period of time between "episodes" that I can remember. I have absolutely zero reason to feel discontent.

  • I have an amazing family - truly stellar
  • My friends are second to none - they keep me laughing and entertained
  • I have an adorable house - I still can't believe it's mine
  • Not only do I have a great vehicle - but I have a vehicle that cools down within a couple of minutes - and in this crazy Oklahoma heat that's suddenly decided to grace us with its presence, that's HUGE
  • I have clothes on my back - and far too many in my closet
  • I have an amazing job - like seriously folks, you should be jealous of the people I get to work with and the things I get to be a part of
  • I have my health - this is a biggie in the "praise" department for our family. When you have a few melanoma diagnoses and some other random health junk, your poor parents' emotions get put through the ringer. E being healthy is a huge blessing
Yet, even still, I feel restless/discontent/stagnant/unfulfilled... and it makes me feel a little ungrateful.

The other day, I was talking to my friend Ferr and I just blurted out, "I need a new hobby! I'm so discontent! ::pause, pause, pause:: Actually, I just need a hobby!"

I can't remember a time in my life where I wasn't doing something creative.

  • In middle school and high school, it was scrapbooking and performing 
  • In college it was dancing (which became my job and no longer my hobby) and blogging at Olive My Life!
  • During one summer at home, it was creating button art pieces that I called "Belle of the Wall"

  • I have been incredibly busy with events since I started my new job (side note: when does it become simply "my job" and not "my new job?" I started in September lol)
  • Then I bought a house and spent a couple months focused on project management and decorating
  • Now... I'm... in... a... rut

It's nice to have some downtime, don't get me wrong, but I've had enough. One of my to-do items over the weekend is to figure out exactly what I want my summer goals to be. I'm working on a list of 25 things I want to do while I'm 25, so I need to finish that this weekend as well.

I started reading "The Wedding Night" this week and I'm itching for a couple hours to do nothing but get lost in the world that Sophie Kinsella so elegantly creates in all of her books. 

On second thought, I love that I have downtime... I just need to program it well. 

So, with that in mind, I'll leave you with the following: 
"May the space between where I am and where I want to be inspire me." -Tracee Ellis Ross

I hope it sticks with you the way it has with me! xoxo, E

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

deadCENTER Film Festival

I had an absolute blast during my first deadCENTER Film Festival experience last weekend! I think my favorite film of the weekend was "Finding Hillywood" - and then there were a couple that left me white knuckled and a little scared to sleep at night, "Favor" and "The Jogger."


I met the actor from "Favor" at the Buffalo Lounge party on Friday night, and we took a photo together. Good thing too. Had I seen the movie first, I would've been FAR too scared to even stand nearby! 

The parties were only slightly more fun than the movies - well, maybe a little more than slightly. My camera - as well as my dancing and lip syncing skills - definitely got a workout!


We dubbed Saturday "comfy movie day" - and I decided to chill on a snail 
while waiting for our theatre to open up. 

The "original" photos below were my favorites - until I saw the "behind the scenes" photos that the director of the Arts Festival captured. I can't stop giggling!

I had a great time and can't wait for next year's festival and films!!
xoxo, E