Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Weirdest Question Ever

I've checked two more items off my 25 while 25 list this week, and it's only Tuesday!

Can I get a what what?!

As I mentioned, Chelsey and I went to Tulsa on Sunday and walked the river. The weather was absolutely perfect and the company was beyond perfection.

You know what they say... 4 feet are better than 2.

Even with low water levels, the view was gorgeous. I couldn't get over how much art there was along the path - and I totally geeked out over the well-planned and executed bike and walking trails.

God bless Chelsey for being willing to stop so many times on our walk so I could take pics! 

Hey Tulsa, you're pretty. I'll be back again soon for another long walk along the river.

Yesterday, I finally -- FINALLY -- got the opportunity to donate blood. Warning, if you are squeamish, I suggest you stop reading right now.

After doing the routine medical history questionnaire, I hopped up on the chaise lounge [kidding - totally a doctor's table - yet surprisingly comfortable!] and the nerves started to set in, just a tad. All I could think was, he better hit my vein on the first try; I will not be a pin cushion!

Well, he did hit the vein on the first try, but "Hm, the blood flow has stopped" is not exactly something you want to hear. After adjusting the needle a little bit [OUCH!!!] the blood started flowing again.

7 minutes and 51 seconds later, I had a pint of blood ready to [hopefully] help save a life!

My [little bit cray cray] nurse caught me taking the picture of my arm and he said, "Do you want a picture of you with your blood?"

Weirdest. Question. Ever.

But yes, yes I do.

Ladies and Gents - allow me to present, Eliz and the pint o' blood. 

Boom - goals achieved!

24 days to complete the rest. Wish me luck.

xoxo, E

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