Monday, March 10, 2014

What does it mean to be an EC...

My sweet friend Elisa sent me a text on Saturday morning congratulating us on an awesome Downtown Employee Appreciation Week. [She is so thoughtful!]

DEAW is such a blast because we get to spoil downtown employees with free stuff all week long! Among the fun this year: free grab 'n go breakfast from 3 downtown eateries, trivia day and free gelato day!


I remember DEAW was one of my favorite weeks in my job last year. This year, the weather decided to throw a hitch in our plan and the week didn't go quite as planned - ie, we had to cancel Wednesday's outdoor event. Major bummer!

However, the events really did go very well. I'm especially pleased with how Friday's party turned out! [Yes, that's an inflatable basketball game and Dance, Dance Revolution - we go big or go home] We also had a bungee run, free chips/salsa/queso/guac, free photo booth, lots of prizes, and music!


Anyway, back to Elisa's text...

I replied: Ohhhh thanks girl! My back and arms are killing me today! Who ever said event planners only do the pretty things is cray cray.

[Granted, I remember a time when I said that my job should just be the pretties - but that's neither here nor there]

What it means to be an Event Coordinator:
  • Your biceps will be really sore from carrying multiple cookie trays at once
  • You'll have bruises with no recollection of what they're from [the origin of the one on back of my knee is still perplexing!]
  • Shellac manicures are the only option - and even this "indestructible" manicure will get chips during an event week
  • You walk around like a crazy person plugging your cell phone in to various floor electrical outlets to make sure they will work for your vendors
  • You find yourself repeating the same thing over and over again. "Are you here for free gelato day? Here's your ticket. Thank you for working downtown!" "Are you here for free gelato day?..."
  • You find creative and peppy ways to deliver "bad" news. This is when the higher-octave-than-normal voice comes out big time. "I'm so sorry but we have gone through all of our free gelato vouchers - but good news, they still have gelato for sale if your craving is particularly strong this afternoon!" [true story]
  • You're able to take a stressful situation and laugh about it -- and laugh at yourself.
    • Random guy: I've been sitting over there while you've been breaking the bad news. I counted and you've said "I'm sorry" 14 times.
    • Me: I know! I feel so bad that we've run out, but we still appreciate everyone working downtown. I'm sorry you've had to listen to me say it that many times though!
    • Random guy and Mallory in unison: 15
  • You are on friendly terms with your local alcohol enforcement officer. You know you're actually in good when he calls you "darlin'"
  • You find yourself staring off into space at the conclusion of an event. The post-event crash is the best sleep you'll ever get!!
  • You look around and see the people attending the event enjoying themselves. Icing on the cake: you look around and see your co-workers enjoying the event just as much!
  • Oh, and following the conclusion of one event, you will start having nightmares about the next one... Bring it on Starlight Supper. [You're going to be an awesome event, I just know it!]
After a great weekend of sleep and recuperation, I am reminded of just how much I love my job and I'm ready to tackle the week. And I just realized, Starlight Supper is one month from today!

Eek! I can't wait - I just love this event!

xoxo, E

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