Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Favorites

I can't remember the last time I was this excited for a Friday! Seriously, folks. I'm singing Rebecca Black's "Friday" in my head right now....

So, as we kick off this long weekend - which is also the start of college football - which is also my two year anniversary with M :) - I thought I'd leave you with a few of my favorites on this fabulous Friday!!

Playlist Favorites
50 Ways to Say Goodbye, Train
Some Nights, Fun
Whistle, Flo Rida
Run, Matt Nathanson feat. Sugarland
Good Time, Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen
Call Me Maybe, Carly Rae Jepsen (not sure I'll ever get tired of this one)
Everybody Talks, Neon Trees
Scream, Usher
This City, Patrick Stump
Jesus in Disguise, Brandon Heath
Rise, Shawn McDonald
White Flag, Chris Tomlin
Well Done, Moriah Peters

TV Show Favorites
Suits, USA
White Collar, USA
Pretty Little Liars, ABC Family
(Currently I'm on Season 2 - and I hear the finale of Season 3 was shocking enough to make it on CNN - eek!!)
Make It or Break It, ABC Family
Common Law, USA (currently on hiatus)
Fairly Legal, USA (currently on hiatus)

Favorite Blogs
Pencil Shavings
Class and Sass
In this Wonderful Life
Oh So Beautiful Paper
Brunch at Saks
Absolutely Bositively
Sunny Side Up
The Shultzes
Millie Holloman Photography
Style Me Pretty - duh!

Some days I wish I could be a stationery designer - seriously, I swoon over gorgeous paper, beautiful fonts and the elegance of embossing! Ahh! I'm getting chills just thinking about it! Oh So Beautiful Paper totally feeds my addiction!!

Favorite Things about My Life Right Now
- Big news to announce on September 12th/13th
- An amazingly wonderful and kind boyfriend - seriously, this guy works so hard to make me happy and my life easier. I don't say "thank you" enough. So, thank you M! I love you.
::Sorry for being mushy::

- Parents that support me to the nth degree. Seriously, I'm overwhelmed by their love and constant attitude of "That's great! Go for it!!"

- My sweet Bella. I am moderately (read: massively) obsessed with this puppy and those big puppy eyes! She's such a smart dog and keeps us laughing all the time!

- I have amazing friends! And a great Oklahoma-family!

I am feeling enormously blessed and full of love for my "favorites" on this Friday!! Have a wonderful holiday weekend everyone! Thankful for all active and former military members who defend our freedom!!

xoxo, E

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Going to the Cathedral

My sweet friend Vicky, from Class and Sass, is getting married!! She and her fiance have set the date for October 2013, and I am beyond blessed to be her wedding planner and help with all the details!

I told M the other day that I really feel like Vicky and I are soul sisters. For example, we both showed up to dinner last weekend in nautical prints and Bridier Baubles jewelery! We simply had to snap a pic - even in the cruddy lighting of the Italian restaurant.

So far, we have the following booked:
Reception Venue
And we're making good progress on:
The Cathedral (they're pretty sure they have finalized their choice)
Invitation Suite - I can't wait to go look at the design, in person, with Miss V!
I couldn't think of a sweeter friend to help with the biggest day of her life. We are constantly giggling and texting about wedding fun!! I love this girl!
Many more updates to come!
xoxo, E

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

3 Days and Counting

I saw a billboard today that said "3 days until Cowboy Football!" This girl is seriously excited. This will be my third season as a die-hard OSU fan. My association started strictly because of M's family, however, there are a few things that I'm truly obsessed with - all on my own - regarding OSU football season.

1. I treasure the moments where I can pull out all of the orange in my wardrobe and wear it with pride! You can never have on "too much orange" at these games - as if such a thing existed!

2. I am obsessed - like truly obsessed - with the OSU horse, Bullet. Even though Pistol Pete is their official mascot, the games wouldn't be half as much fun without that black stallion. I wrote a blog post about him last season, here.

M's mom gave Bella an OSU bandana on Sunday. Once we put it on her collar, I squealed with glee and screamed, "She's like my own personal Bullet!!" Obviously she didn't want to participate in this photo op. Silly girl.

3. Papas has become a recent OSU fan as well - and after coming to a game last season, he became a super-fan! Just like me!

4. It's always fun to spend time with King Kent and Queen Nora - as we affectionately call them in the Newton home - at these games! So grateful they have given me this experience!

If you need me, I'll be thumbing through my closet picking out my outfits and counting down the hours until kickoff!

xoxo, E

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Perks of the Job

I made the shift from advertising back into the events world this past April, and it has definitely given me some amazing opportunities! Here's a run down of the 5 best things about my job as an event planner!

1. I've had the opportunity to deck out my office with all of the things that I love!

Pictures of family, sweet notes, and some button love for the Thunder!

Super cute file folders, Missoni for Target box, "E" coffee mug from KM, personalized staionery from QN and my biz card holder that M gifted me from last year's Festival of the Arts!

Giant "E" and custom made pillows by Mommacita!

And finally, the latest addition, this beauty that M painted for me! ADORE!

2. For the last 9 weeks, I've been able to play with arranging beautiful flowers for a weekly cocktail event! I've gotten so used to these beauties that I might have to continue the weekly tradition in my home!

 3. I get to put on awesome events like a summer movie night series! They've been so well received! We even had someone arrange to show a short movie he made to propose to his girlfriend last week!!
4. The "media" perks have been pretty great as well.

I got to do an interview on the morning news promoting the start of our summer events. You can watch it here: KOKH FOX 25 :: Morning News - Terre at the Botanical Gardens 4

I submitted a picture that I took of the Gardens to Lamar Outdoor for their photo contest. In addition to being selected to appear on the board, they also sent me a mini of my billboard. It's proudly displayed on my desk!

5. Without a doubt, my favorite part of my job is the amazing people I get to work with. Especially the various music guests we've had at our events this summer. It's fun to meet knew people and form new relationships!

Sometimes in the craziness of life, it's nice to reflect on the things that make it awesome! Happy Tuesday!
xoxo, E

Monday, August 27, 2012

Highway to Half Marathon - Week 1

December 2nd is D-Day. It's the day that Mommacita and I will pray that our little legs and feet will carry us the 13.1 miles to the finish line of the St. Jude Half Marathon!

This will be my second time training for a half marathon, but the first time to actually run in one. 2 years ago, I was well on my way in the training program to run in the 10th Annual OKC Memorial Marathon. However, I got food poisoning on my birthday (2 weeks prior to the race) and that put a serious hitch in my giddy-up.

So, here we are, back at it again! And I'm so excited to be running for a cause that I've supported for a few years now. I planned out my training schedule in my awesome planner, which officially begins 2 weeks from today, but I definitely need to start running to prepare for the intense schedule.

With that being said, today is the start of pre-training training! M and I will lace up our tennis shoes this evening and start pounding the pavement. Sore muscles are likely and great music is a given!


I'm pumped for this adventure over the next 14 weeks! Let's get running!

xoxo, E

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Etsy Shop Love

I nearly squealed with glee while reading this post from Jen at MadeByGirl!

I am newly enamored with succulents, but high-tail it in the other direction from anything that needs to be watered to stay alive - sidenote: do succulents even have to be watered? I've shyed away from purchasing just at the thought that they might need to be!

Anyway, allow me to introduce you to the modern succulent sculptures from the etsy shop, Waterstone Succulents

Don't you just love these neon containers?!

I never cease to be amazed by the creativity of others - and I'm dreaming up all the beautiful places these succulents could adorn my home and office! Love!

xoxo, E

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Carolina Lovin'

In addition to my love of all things monogrammed, I am seriously obsessed with my home state! While clicking around etsy, I can't help but swoon over all the ways to display my love for North Carolina! Here are a few from my favorite shops!


- Home Skyline -

- Current Skyline -


This one isn't my "home" state but it's my home currently, and it's definitely where I fell in love!


I think this print is so adorable and such a cute way to show two people joining their lives together!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Fall & Football

It's cooled down a bit here in OKC and college football starts a week from tomorrow!

I love this time of year so much. The cool, crisp air. The leaves changing colors. The chunky sweaters and scarves. The boots... oh how I love the boots!

In preparation for my favorite time of year, I've compiled a few Fall "must haves" - or in my case, "must dream about"

1. Henri Bendel Brown and White Plus Barrel
Could this bag be any more perfect for Fall?! Love the colors and the nod to the Henri Bendel pattern!
2. This adorable Hacking Jacket from J. Crew

I'm dying over this whole look - although I'd probably opt for a pair of emerald green pants! This jacket, and the elbow patches, have me swooning!

3. Quilted Vests from J.Crew!!
I've blogged about my love of vests one too many times, but I must do it again this fall! I'll probably opt for the navy so I can wear it more, but how fun is the hot pink?!

4. Finally, I'm loving these sweaters! Also from J.Crew.

Bring on Fall and football! I'm ready!
xoxo, E