Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mrs. Doublemint

My best friend from college, affectionately known as my "doublemint twin," got married on June 16th. I know that I'm biased, but she was without a doubt the most beautiful bride.

The ceremony was at Perkins Chapel on the campus of SMU in Dallas. It was the most perfect little white chapel, and her photographer did a wonderful job capturing the moments and memories from the day.

I will keep my voice to a minimum in this post and let you experience the day my Doublemint became a Mrs. through these amazing photos!

One of the best moments of the day was surrounding sweet Mere before it was time for her to enter into the most sacred of commitments and pray over her and Stephen's future. This picture is just so beautiful to me!

The reception site was stunningly beautiful. Mere did such a great job working with the florist to create the perfect centerpieces. The DJ was fabulous and even taught the guests to swing dance! The food was Texas to a T - and the cakes were of course, DELISH!

Making the marriage official!

These are my favorite shots of my Maid of Honor Speech - I definitely started shaking and got choked up. Looking at our faces in these pictures brings all those emotions back!

I got so tickled when Chas (best man) asked Nana to dance with him!

Seriously, how cute are doublemint's mama and daddy?!

Ending the night with a special dance just between the bride and groom as guests prepared for their grand exit!

I foresee many of these photos showing up in various frames in my home and office. Love, love, love!!

The proudest Maid-of-Honor & Doublemint Twin

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