Monday, August 13, 2012

Getting Doublemint Married

Let's take a trip back to June, shall we? My doublemint got married!

I still can't believe that she has a new last name... she has a husband... and she is a Mrs. It's all so exciting!

The days leading up to the nuptials were just too much fun. She picked the best group of girls to be her maids. We all had such a blast together and the laughs were never ending!

What do you get when you combine mani/pedis, a gaudy sash and baseball? A great start to the bachelorette night!!

Then, it was off to the bridesmaid's luncheon, the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner - oh my!

And to leave you wanting more, here are a few of my favorite photo booth snapshots from the wedding reception!

My sweet Mommacita

Seriously, we have too much fun together

So lucky to have this girl in my life - My sweet Doublemint Twin!

I cannot WAIT to show you the beyond gorgeous shots of Doublemint's wedding day. Coming tomorrow!

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