Wednesday, August 29, 2012

3 Days and Counting

I saw a billboard today that said "3 days until Cowboy Football!" This girl is seriously excited. This will be my third season as a die-hard OSU fan. My association started strictly because of M's family, however, there are a few things that I'm truly obsessed with - all on my own - regarding OSU football season.

1. I treasure the moments where I can pull out all of the orange in my wardrobe and wear it with pride! You can never have on "too much orange" at these games - as if such a thing existed!

2. I am obsessed - like truly obsessed - with the OSU horse, Bullet. Even though Pistol Pete is their official mascot, the games wouldn't be half as much fun without that black stallion. I wrote a blog post about him last season, here.

M's mom gave Bella an OSU bandana on Sunday. Once we put it on her collar, I squealed with glee and screamed, "She's like my own personal Bullet!!" Obviously she didn't want to participate in this photo op. Silly girl.

3. Papas has become a recent OSU fan as well - and after coming to a game last season, he became a super-fan! Just like me!

4. It's always fun to spend time with King Kent and Queen Nora - as we affectionately call them in the Newton home - at these games! So grateful they have given me this experience!

If you need me, I'll be thumbing through my closet picking out my outfits and counting down the hours until kickoff!

xoxo, E

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