Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Catch you in Ketchikan

Fact: Ketchikan, Alaska is the Salmon capital of the world - and Alaska's first city.

Our stay in Ketchikan was for a few hours in the afternoon, but we surely made the most of our time! Mommacita, Marcus and I geared up in our Gorton's Fisherman clothes, while Papas explored the town, and we were off to board our guide boats!

I love, love, love to ride in a boat. Seriously, one of my most favorite things to do. And these little blow up boats didn't disappoint me! Mommacita was such a great captain; she knows how we love to go fast and bounce on the waves, so she made it happen!

The wildlife in Alaska just makes it so easy to take beautiful pictures. Our guide threw a frozen fish in the water, to coax the eagles out of the trees, and I was able to snap this beauty below!

There were so many colorful sea stars lounging among the rocks. They kind of creep me out in theory, but the colors are just beautiful!

Our fearless leader and her montly crew!

Alaska was so the trip of a lifetime! I hope you've enjoyed my pictorial tour of our Alaskan cruise! Are you ready to plan your trip now?

xoxo, E

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