Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Big Audition

As I mentioned before, Mommacita and I went to NYC for a long weekend this past weekend. We had such a good time together!

We were able to catch a few shows, but the primary purpose for our trip was so that I could go after a dream I've had since I was little, the dream to be a Rockette!
I've danced since I was 3 years old, and I even started college as a dance major! During my junior year I decided that I didn't want to make dance my career, so I changed my major. After three years of not dancing, I felt that pang of regret that I never auditioned for the Rockettes. (Aka, I started bawling like a baby while watching the Tony awards.) It was then that I decided that I didn't want to wake up at 40 and feel the same regret I was feeling already feeling.

So, the decision to audition for the Rockettes was made!

There are 2 auditions every year. By then, I had missed the first audition in May, but the August audition was fast approaching. It occured to me that it might be a good idea to attend the August audition, to get the lay of the land, to better prepare myself to kick (pun intended) booty in May 2013 and hopefully make the cut!

I have such amazingly supportive people in my life and got encouragement from all fronts to go after my dream! Once Mommacita and I got to New York, our first stop was Capezio to purchase a leotard and tights for my audition - man, it's weird to be back in those clothes after 3 years! But I found the most beautiful leo that made me feel so confident. Check!

On Sunday, I took a class at Broadway Dance Center. It was so much fun - seriously, the best thing I could've done to build my confidence before the audition on Monday! All of my technique and "dancer memory" came flooding right back!

Monday was the big day! I woke up with a total peace - mind you, I'd been praying for it hardcore - and was ready to go after a dream. If you never try, you've already failed, right? I pulled my hair back in the Rockette french twist, applied fake eyelashes and puckered up with bright red lips. Once I was dressed, it was time to warm up and stretch before the walk to Radio City.

The closer we got to 6th Ave. the more I started to expect the nervousness that causes stomach pains. But, our God is faithful. I had the simple nerves of, "OMG I'm about to go inside Radio City and audition for the Rockettes!" But there's nothing paralyzing about those nerves!

I got in line around 9:15 and was handed a blue slip of paper with my audition time.

Once they started taking groups A and B inside, we moved closer and closer to the stage door. It was time for wristbands and paperwork!

Pretty soon it was time to say "bye" to Mommacita and go inside. I was still feeling pretty calm and collected. After we spent about 45 minutes in the small rehearsal hall warming up, it was time to go into the large rehearsal room and learn the combination. This took about 10 - 15 minutes. Yeah, lightning fast!

Next, it was audition time - in groups of 3. I stood off to the side and thought, "Good, I'll have some time to really perfect the routine while others audition." Wrong. I was in the first group to go - and I was dead center in front of the judges. NO ONE WANTS THAT! Haha.

Anyway, after all of the groups auditioned, they kept about 6 or 7 girls from our group (I would say there were at least 75 of us in the room) to move on to the next round. While I wasn't one of them, I sit here with my head held high! I took a huge step forward and auditioned! And now I know the combination and have plenty of time to practice and perfect it before May's audition.

I have absolutely no regrets - and that feels awesome!

Want to know what else is awesome? After eating nothing but salads for the first 2 days of our trip in NYC, which wasn't that huge of a sacrifice because Cosi has the BEST salads, Momma and I were off to Serendipity to indulge in some froooooozen hot chocolate and our favorite sandwiches!!

This is what a girl looks like who just auditioned for the Rockettes, got cut, but is still proud of herself for trying!

All of the wonderful texts, tweets and Facebooks posts from friends and family truly warmed my heart. Everyone was just so proud of me for trying. Man, I am so lucky to be surrounded by such amazing people!

As I mentioned, we were able to see a few shows while in NYC! We saw Nice Work If You Can Get It. And also got to see my friend Kim, who is one of the dazzling ladies in the ensemble!

Momma walked back to the hotel, while I waited at the stage door and chatted with Kim, and she spotted Norm Lewis and snapped this pic for me. I first met, and fell in love with, Norm when he was in The Little Mermaid with my friend Daniel. He is SO kind!

We also saw Evita and Newsies. Ricky Martin was awesome in Evita, and I am so obsessed with Newsies now. It was phenomenal!!

Momma told me about this fun thing that @Playbill does on Twitter where you tweet a pic of the Playbill from whatever show you are seeing, and they will retweet it. Well, all 3 of our #tonightsbill photos got retweeted, but my Evita one was favorited by @Playbill! I have to admit, I was pretty proud of my song comparison idea :)

It was such a whirlwind weekend, but was a total blast! Back to work and back to goal-making to go after my dreams!

xoxo, E


  1. Great memories with my hija!!

  2. So happy you gave it your first shot and I can't wait to see how it goes next Spring! (I foresee a future Rockette.) Can't wait to see you Saturday and hear more of the details!

  3. Fabulous!! I'm so proud of you!!