Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Currently Obsessed

I am a die hard fan of a lot of things, and it's always fun to add new items to my "love list." Currently, I'm obsessed with:

I've been a fan for the last couple of years, but only recently has my admiration turned to obsession. I can contribute some of that to another love of mine that will show up on the list in a minute, but part of my "head over heels love" for this brand is simply due to the fun colors, unique designs and extreme comfort. I love to workout in these clothes. And that alone is reason enough to purchase!

Over the last 2 weeks, I have had my booty kicked by an awesome workout. Any day that I don't have to run on the treadmill or power climb the elliptical is a good day. This workout combines the ballet barre, yoga and pilates all into one workout that makes your muscles quiver.

You can bank on hearing the instructor prompt you, with a smile, to "embrace the shakes." My inner thighs might hate me, but I'm starting to hate them less. I can already see results! And that has me sold - more like obsessed - with Barre3! I may or may not be doing 3 classes, 3 nights in a row, this week.

Bridier Baubles
I can thank many of the ladies in the blogosphere for introducing me to this great online jewelry retailer. I am absolutely obsessed with my "Boca Grande Necklace" in green. My wish list also includes the white "H bracelet" and either the orange or blue "Lucky Necklace." The best part? The pieces are so affordable!!

And to round out my mini-list of obsessions, I'll conclude with a staple obsession of mine... Anything Monogrammed. I certainly do not have a shortage of belongings with an inscription of my lovely initials, however, don't you just die over these lovely little delights?!


It's important to have a few little things that make your heart pitter patter a little bit faster!

xoxo, E

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