Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Super Secret Success

You may remember me mentioning that my momma's birthday was last week -- well, I was nearing the finish line of a month-and-a-half-in-the-making surprise.

Back in January, I decided that I wanted to fly home and surprise Mommacita for her birthday. I thought it'd be extra fun to surprise my dad and Nanny as well. So, I decided not to tell anyone that I was coming to Charlotte. Anyone except Diva that is...

I texted Gail (aka Diva) and asked if she had plans on February 28th - and if not, I wanted to enlist her help in a super secret birthday mission. Naturally, she accepted the challenge.

We had it all worked out: she would text Momma the day before I arrived and ask if she could bring over Momma's birthday present before heading to Atlanta to spend the weekend with her daughter. Diva would pick me up at the airport and we'd go to the house. After Momma answered the door, I'd sneak around the corner and SURPRISE!

Through a series of [not unfortunate] events, the plan changed. Diva needed to leave for Atlanta earlier than planned so Diva Dad - these epic nicknames have a story behind them, but that's a story for another time - was going to pick me up and take me to the house. No problem.

My darling friend Jack was also a co-conspirator and let me crash on his couch in Dallas before my 5 a.m. flight.

Well, while sitting on Jack's kitchen counter, I got a text from Diva that Mommacita told her they'd need to reschedule the gift delivery because she was going to have to tutor two kids Friday morning and find a few quick minutes to move the upstairs furniture for the carpet cleaning service.

Awesome. Here's to hoping I'd be a welcomed surprise and not another cause for stress!

After getting 2 hours of sleep - Thanks Jack... kidding, I had so much fun catching up! - I made my way to DFW. One good thing about being on the highway at 3:30 in the morning, no traffic!

We landed in Charlotte 45 minutes early and the nerves started to set in. I had no idea if Momma would even be home when we got there. Would I have to let myself in to the house and surprise her by waiting at the kitchen table for her to walk in the house? No, that's creepy.

All of my worry was for naught. We pulled in to the driveway and her car was in the garage. Score! Then, I noticed the door from the garage to our house was open. Dang! Where is she?!

There she was, my gorgeous Momma, walking around the corner of our garage. I opened the car door and here's what happened:

Me: Hey...
Momma: Hey! How are y'all?
Me: Hey Momma...
::total shock and awe::
Momma: WHAT?! What are you doing here?!
Me: Happy birthday! I flew home to surprise you!
::realization, tears and hugs::
Momma: Mark! You were a part of this surprise?
::Diva Dad starts unloading suitcases - plural - from the car::
Momma: Wait. How long are you staying? Did you get fired? Is that why you're home?
Me: Ha! No! These are the suitcases you left after Christmas.
Momma: Oh, that's right! What are you doing here?!

It was so funny to watch her face as I shared the details and she put it all together.

Momma: I wondered why Gail kept texting about my gift and said that Mark would bring it over. I couldn't figure out what kind of gift would be so time sensitive!

[Picture taken just moments after the big surprise]

What followed was a truly awesome weekend with my Momma - I had fun surprising Papas and Nanny as well. Super Secret Success!!

Here's a highlight reel of my weekend in North Carolina:

Barbecue with Momma and Nanny at the best [and our favorite] bbq place

Running on North Carolina pavement is drastically different than Oklahoma. 
A birthday eclair for the birthday girl!


I got my birthday gift early - I died and went to monogramed Tumi heaven!

My stay was extended due to crazy weather in Dallas. This was the best email ever! (Once I got my flight re-booked and the stress over getting back to OKC went away.)

I experienced so much joy this weekend. What a blessing to be able to surprise the woman who does so much for me!!

xoxo, E

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