Wednesday, March 12, 2014

To the Man I Call "Potatoes"

To the man who proofread countless papers, projects and resumes over the years
To the man who donned a fedora and was the perfect guest at the tea party

To the gentleman who [still] chastises me if I reach to open my own door
To the man who bought me new pens and sticky notes when I was home sick because he knew it'd help
To the man who made it possible for me to see so many cities around the world [often as the pilot in charge]

To the man who prepares my tax return every year fo' free
To the man who taught me to go for my dreams and never live with regret


To the man who always closed the laptop or put the book down when I went on stage at a dance competition
To the man who became an OSU and Thunder fan when I did

Happy birthday to the man who gave me his brown eyes, withheld his olive skin tone, and lets me call him Papas...

Even if it means "potatoes" in Spanish.

xoxo, E

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