Monday, March 31, 2014

Choices We Make

There were two incredibly fun events on Friday night in OKC, and even though I had a super fun girls night planned with Kimmy, I [begrudgingly] canceled our plans to spend the evening at home alone. I forced myself to have some quiet time.

I felt like I should've been out - should've been supporting my friends and their events - should've spent time with others -- because, you know, I had free time.

I feel like I've been going, going, going. Friday night was a choice that I made. A choice to sit at home and read. Turns out, it was nice.

Saturday was non-stop for 15 hours, but my evening ended with my favorite little princess. Babysitting Miss Em is always an adventure, and now that she is a little chatterbox, I am constantly giggling at what she says!

Em asked if she could take some selfies while we were driving around town. A few minutes later, the radio DJ was introducing the selfie song and Em squeals from the back seat, "They just said selfies!!" Naturally, after laughing a bit too hard, I changed the radio station. The last thing I wanted was for her to pick up some of the lyrics and say, "There's no vodka at this table." Oof!

I had to pick up a baby gift on Saturday night, and while I was totally overwhelmed by all the baby gear in the store, Emily was in Little Girl Heaven when we stumbled upon a Hello Kitty room.

"Yizzbiss! Take my picture!"

"Yizzbiss! I can see myself!" 

It has to be said: I'm going to be really sad when she starts pronouncing my name correctly.

After we picked up dinner, we went back to the DeLo house and watched a movie while we ate pizza. I asked her to eat the pizza over her plate so we wouldn't get parmesan cheese everywhere. After she took her next bite, Em looked at me and said, "Yizzbiss, I ate over my plate!" The look of pride on her face was just the cutest. She definitely got big praise from me!

There were also more selfies. Not sure why we were doing disco fever, but I just followed suit. 

It started to get late but the little princess was ANYTHING but tired. I convinced her that we should snuggle on the couch and read some books. She sure is a good snuggler. Actually, this was "kitty Emily." Everything she said was followed by meow. "Thank you meow." "I want to read that book next meow."

I shared this video on Instagram over the weekend... After we read a series of books together, Em decided she wanted to re-read the book by herself. It was so cute, I just had to record it. Well, I'm glad I did because the funniest exchange happened while the camera was rolling. I can't make this stuff up!

The full version of the video is below - terrible video quality but just so darn cute!!

Even though I was exhausted by the time I got home, making the choice to spend a Saturday evening with this little one certainly brightened my day.

Yesterday, we volunteered at the Open Streets event in Uptown 23rd. I was astounded by the turnout. Seriously cool!! (photo by Josh DeLozier)

Then, it was time to spoil my Sharee-ree silly and celebrate the impending arrival of baby Sloane! Bobbie hosted a beautiful shower and it was so good to spend the afternoon with my ICG family!!

Some days I feel like I'm watching my life zip on by. I live the most amazing, fun, entertaining life. And it absolutely exhausts me!

At church on Saturday, Craig talked about how he used to struggle with being a workaholic. He said that his therapist asked him one time, "Who are you trying to impress? What are you trying to prove?" I love my work, my friends and my extracurriculars. I also love how much of my time is devoted to these things -- to the point where I feel guilty when I take a night off and say "no" to whatever extra fun might be planned for the evening.

However, I realized that the same questions from the therapist apply to me. What am I trying to prove by doing it all? I have the ability to make choices regarding how I spend my time. And I'm learning that choosing to spend my moments how I want to spend them makes me a happier Eliz and those choices make for higher quality moments with the people I care about.

It turns out all the moms and dads in the world were right -- it's all about the choices we make.

xoxo, E

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