Monday, April 28, 2014

13.1 and Done!

Okay kids, I can now officially say that I've completed all of the items on my 25 while 25 list!

So, tighten up those laces and get ready for plenty of photos and stories from the last 3 days.

If you follow me on Instagram - or I texted you in a panic last week requesting prayer - you probably know that at the end of last week, I was at a bit of a low point due to some pain in my left foot. I took a sick day on Friday and spent the morning at the orthopedic's office.

Luckily, Momma arrived in OKC a couple of hours early... just in time to console a sobbing teary Elizabeth after the doctor said he was sending me for an MRI that afternoon to check for a stress fracture.

Once I picked her up at the airport, we had a couple hours to kill before my appointment. We went to the expo for the marathon to pick up my packet. I'll be honest with you, I had a really hard time during this process. I just kept thinking, "I trained this hard, there's all this fun 13.1 merchandise, and I'm not going to get to run because of a stupid fracture 2 days before the event."

[Yes, I went ahead and jumped off the cliff before the MRI because the doctor said he was confident it was a fracture.]

After my pity party at the Expo, we went to grab some lunch before my MRI. You guys, my mom is such a trooper. She was so understanding and compassionate as I cried (and cried and cried) with disappointment that I might not get to run.

In an attempt to distract from the results waiting game after my MRI, Momma suggested we rent a couple of movies for our Friday night. While in the middle of the second movie, my phone rang. The doctor called and said, "Well, I'm at a total loss as to what's going on. There's no fracture. You can run on Sunday!"

Y'all, I squealed. Momma had to get me back on track by whispering questions to ask the doctor about managing the pain for the race. All I cared about was that I could run the half and complete my final 25 while 25 goal!

Fast forward to Sunday morning...

My alarm went off at 3:45 a.m. and I popped right out of bed. It was race day!!

After taping up my foot, taking my Arnica and some Advil, pulling on my compression socks, and eating some breakfast, Momma and I were ready to head downtown.

We met up with Bobbie (and a few new friends) at ICG around 5:30 a.m. Right as we were about to head out, we got a text message that the start time was delayed 30 minutes due to weather. Darn you Oklahoma.

After another delay, we decided to go ahead an walk over to the course to see what was going on. After a couple more delays, a freak cold front blew in and we all began to give up hope that we would get to run. There was a rumor that if the start got delayed past 8 a.m., they'd cancel.

Darn Okie storm clouds.

We made a mad dash to the start line, in the rain, and I think the whole crowd started to cheer when we heard the National Anthem via the loud speaker. The sun started to peek through the clouds, and the race was on!

I couldn't believe how many people were at the start line. Bobbie and I were two out of 11,000 running in the half marathon. We were psyched and ready to go!

I felt great for the first 8 miles. I even survived the two big hills that preceded Gorilla Hill!

Once I got to mile 9, my legs felt as heavy as boulders and my left foot was really starting to ache. After a couple walking breaks, I found myself at 13th and Broadway with the Finish Line in sight!!

Jilly was on the sideline cheering us on, and she snapped the second picture below as I approached the finish!

I'm pretty sure this picture captures the moment I was searching for Momma - and then I found her!! Mommacita captured this great video at the Finish. I don't look like I'm in too much pain do I? 

So, let's get down to the nitty gritty - I ran 13.1 miles in 2 hours and 31 minutes!! 

I was pretty darn psyched to get my medal!

Know what else was pretty awesome?? Turning my phone off airplane mode at the Finish and seeing all of the awesome text messages and tweets from friends!


Following the race - and a shower - I realized just how much my body was freaking out, so I had a date with some ice packs and my DVR.

Oh, and I also had to try on my half-marathon present from Bobbie. I'll be colorfully accessorized during my next half for sure!

I am seriously proud of all of my friends that ran in yesterday's race, thankful for the friends who were along the course & cheered us on, and so incredibly grateful to God for beautiful running weather and a relatively pain free 13.1. 

And with that, I'd call 25 while 25 a success!!

xoxo, E

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  1. Woohoo!! Awesome job girl!! :)