Friday, April 4, 2014

Two Handsome Dudes

Yesterday, I had two dates with two very handsome dudes.

And by dates I mean platonic hangouts...

And one of those dudes was simply the name of a restaurant...

First up: Urban Johnnies
Jill, Brandi and I ventured to this new hot spot in Deep Deuce for lunch yesterday. Everything on the menu sounded amazing, so I have no doubt that we will return for another meal very soon!

After hearing rave reviews of the House Made Onion Dip, we gave it a try. It was beyond delicious. Seriously... so good! We also tried the UJ Cheese Fries, UJ Crab Cakes, the Grilled Cheese, and the Pot Roast.

Ordering a variety of food and trying bites of each is my favorite way to dine. So, who wants to go back with me? A couple of those burgers sound too good not to taste!

Date Number Two: Peloton Wine Bar & Cafe 

After our staff retreat, it was decided that it would be good idea to have one-on-one drink/snack outings with a co-worker in order to leave the office talk behind and get to know each other... especially now that we have a couple new staffers.

Well, Joe and I went on our "date" yesterday to Peloton. And coincidentally, I was able to add another Keep It Local retailer to my 25 while 25 list!

It was the perfect day for a little patio dining -- filled with great conversation and laughter. There was grooving to the Hall & Oats station on Pandora, Barre3 demonstrations, and the best hummus ever.

My Thursday was filled with some stellar downtown dining, as well as putting the phone down - except to take photos - to spend time with the people I get to call co-workers and friends!

Cheers to Friday and a fun weekend ahead! 

xoxo, E 

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