Wednesday, April 16, 2014

3 Days Left

3 days... I've got 3 days left to complete the remaining items on my 25 while 25 list. I kicked it into high gear over the weekend to make some headway on what's remaining...

First up, I completed #2 on the list - Dine/Shop at 15 new Keep it Local retailers/restaurants.

I went to Crimson & Whipped Cream in Norman - something I've been wanting to do for quite some time now - and I tried my first ever whoopie pie. Yum. O.

Up next, #15 - Fly a kite! 

Brandi met me at Douglas Park, and we had a blast flying our kites. Yes, her's has a teenage mutant ninja turtle on it... and not just any TMNT, but Leonardo. I almost fell over laughing when she screamed, "Don't worry Leo, you'll win an Oscar some day!!" #LeoDiCaprio 

It was an insanely windy day - perfect for flying a kite! Also, perfect weather for a kite to take a nosedive into the ground over... and over... and over again. 

At one point I took off running and the kite got absolutely no air. Basically, I was dragging it behind me like a wooden dog on a string. Real cute, I tell ya.

Final weekend project: #3 - Try 15 New Recipes [only 2 remaining]

As a surprise for Jane's birthday on Monday, I made Texas Sheet Cake Cookies and Nutella-Stuffed Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies. 

These look like simple chocolate chip cookies, but they have a gooey Nutella center. So yummy - so delicious - so brown buttery good. Yum!!

I'm fairly certain my co-workers were eligible to claim "death by chocolate" after these cookies made their way to the office. 

This 25 while 25 project has been so fun - and hey, I am finally putting all those recipes I pinned on Pinterest to good use!

xoxo, E

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