Thursday, April 3, 2014

Springtime Superlatives

This Carolina girl is a big fan of springtime.

Sundresses & sandals
Flirty skirts
Bright pedicures
Spray tans
Cool breezes
Warm sun on my skin
Tulips in bloom
Patio dining
Lighter locks [hooray for a hair appointment today!]

However, here in Okie land, it's not spring... it's storm season.

Also known as, the period of time when I'm in a constant state of panic. [Thank you dear meteorologists for always forecasting the impending doom and gloom of hail and tornadoes.]

We're 3 days in to April and it's turning into quite the hectic month. Who would've guessed it?!

7 days until the second annual Starlight Supper.

9 days until the adventure inside this box is coming to a blog near you. (#25w25)

14 days until I'm back home to spend Easter weekend with my parents in Hilton Head.

16 days until my 26th birthday.

24 days until my first half marathon.

I'm dreaming springtime dreams while plugging away through April's crazy schedule...

xoxo, E

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