Wednesday, April 2, 2014

This is No April Fools' Joke

I am gullible. Half of the day yesterday I forgot that it was April Fools' Day. It's just not my holiday.

::Setting the Stage::

I was pretty down on myself on Sunday when I attempted my long run [8 miles]. After only two miles, the strong Okie winds had me beat. Literally. My calves were hard as rocks, and I just couldn't carry on. Defeated, I walked the two miles back home.

Last night's scheduled run was a 5-miler. I felt surprisingly optimistic when I got to the river trails and decided I'd go right, instead of left, and see how far the path went.

Great songs - check.
Beeboppy attitude - check.
No pain in my legs, my ribs or under my collar bone - check, check, check!

My favorite thing about running a new route is all the new sights to observe. Last night, I couldn't believe just how far the trail was taking me. I ran under the interstate I take to the airport -- and then I ran under a road that falls into the "I don't even know where that is" category. [For you Okies, those streets are MacArthur, Meridian, Portland, Council & Rockwell.] You might as well say Kansas. They feel that far away to me!

Finally, I reached the turnaround point. I looked down at my app and I had run 3.46 miles. Hm, if I run all the way back, I'll be at 6.92 miles. I only have to run 5 miles tonight... maybe I should just keep going and hit that 8 mile mark from Sunday!

At one point on the way back, my shadow was directly in front of me - again, observations - and I just had to snap a pic at how disproportioned I looked. Where are my legs?! Who is this hip-heavy blob?! The second shadow pic is from last week. I call this my Gumby look. Looooong legs!

I had to fight my way through every step of the last 0.75 miles, but I did it! I did 8 miles [no walking or stopping] in 1 hour and 28 minutes. Squeal!!!

This is my new favorite spot in all of OKC -- it's the spot where I achieved 8 miles -- the longest distance I've ever run. This is the spot where I succeeded!

I also totally did a happy dance once I hit that 8 mile mark. I checked to make sure that no one saw me, but to be honest, I couldn't have cared less if anyone saw my embarrassing display of joy. I RAN 8 MILES!!!

Of course, I texted anyone that I thought might listen and shared my victory! 

I've never felt such a need to express just how much something was NOT an April Fools' joke!! 

As I walked back to my car, still on an adrenaline high, I was met with the most gorgeous sunset. So grateful for healthy legs to carry me through my training and glorious weather to enjoy during my run.

xoxo, E

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