Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Gotta Get Away

Even with [out of the ordinary] rainy weather in Hilton Head, I had a blast spending my birthday weekend with my parents!

You guys, every time I go home I realize just how much I love [and miss] North Carolina. I mean, come on, how gorgeous?!

Momma and I hit the road first thing Thursday morning for Hilton Head. I love a good road trip on any day, but a road trip with Mommacita? Well, that's just the best!

Helloooooo Hilton Head!

As soon as we got to HHI, we changed clothes and set out for the golf course. As it turns out, Thursday was the only beautiful day of the weekend, so I'm glad we got down there so early!

We boarded our first class carriage [hehe] and went to have lunch at the lighthouse!

I think I said twenty times that day, "Hilton Head is just so pretty!!"

I have never [ever] been a fan of golf, but I totally fell in love with the sport during the tournament! The sound of the club making contact with the ball - the speed with which the ball zips through the air - the oh so attractive golfers... yeah that didn't hurt either!

One of our favorite moments during the day was on the 16th hole. There was a soldier who held the flag - which happened to be an American flag - when the golfers were on the green.
[You'll have to forgive me for my lack of golf lingo knowledge.]

I totally sneaked these photos on my iPhone - no cameras allowed during the tourney!

On Friday - which I like to refer to as rainy day impossible - we drove around the island to look at the different plantations, including the one where my parents lived when they first got married!

Afterwards, we met up with my sister, bro-in-law, and their awesome kiddos for lunch! My sister gave me a monogrammed pullover for my birthday; such a perfectly timed gift for the crazy weather... plus I got to match my adorable nieces and nephews!

Oh yeah. We're related. No doubt!

After lunch, Momma and I braved the rain to go to the outlet mall. You guys. There was a Kate Spade outlet.

Can you say heaven?!

Momma picked up two adorable dresses, and she got me this wallet. I'm in love! IN LOVE!

On Saturday - my birthday! - Momma and I snapped a quick selfie before hitting the road back to Charlotte. As much as I love our "real" pic... there were some epic sillies that went into the making of it!

I had such an amazing time with my parents last weekend, and I'm so pumped that Momma will be flying out to OKC this weekend for the half-marathon! 

xoxo, E

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