Friday, April 18, 2014

Get Yo'self Down Here

Currently, I'm in Hilton Head, South Carolina with my parents for the RBC Heritage PGA Tour. With it being Easter and my birthday this weekend, I had the gift of a few days off work to make for an extra long weekend. Hip hip hooray!!

Last weekend, Kimmy took me on a tour of the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. I am a bit ashamed that I've been in OKC for 8 years and this was my first time exploring the exhibits. However, the closing of the Lisa Hoke exhibit, "Come on Down," lit a fire under me to get in there!

It also helps that Kimmy works at the Museum now -- and I got a super special tour from my bestie.

Ever since I went to Italy, I have been obsessed with blown glass. This Chihuly sculpture is so magnificent - but I have to admit that I loved some of the pieces in the exhibit even more! [photos later in this post]

I think this is the week of photo-heavy posts. Fair warning, there are a lot of photos below from the "Come on Down" installation, but I just couldn't help myself. It was stunning! 

All of the materials in this installation are recycled materials from Lisa Hoke's office building. I was astounded by the amount of detail in this piece. Kimmy said that every time Lisa installs this piece, she asks for materials from local businesses. There were containers from Braum's and SONIC in our installation.

Oh hey there, Barbie girl!

Also, yes, those are NSYNC party plates! Kimmy hadn't noticed them until I pointed out the plates as I was snapping photos... I definitely saw that as a mini-victory since she had wandered the exhibit a few times!

This exhibit was a party for the senses. I'm pretty sure that I could have spent hours in the exhibit hall and there would still be details that I didn't notice. I am kind of the worst "art person" - I try really hard to appreciate all forms of art, but unless it really appeals for me, I'd rather just move on. This installation though, it was amazing amazing!

We walked through the other exhibits at the Museum, and Kimmy pointed out the freight elevator behind this piece. As a fan who is [beyond] obsessed with White Collar, I looked at Kimmy and said, "I feel like I'm in the show! Do you think Neal is back there?!"

I mentioned the Chihuly sculpture in the entry of the Museum, but I wasn't prepared for the beauty of the permanent collection exhibit! All of these beautiful pieces on the ceiling had me on the floor in order to capture the photos. #WorthIt

And just because it was breathtakingly beautiful, here's the panoramic of "Come on Down." GORGEOUS!!

Happy Good Friday everyone!

xoxo, E

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