Thursday, April 17, 2014

We Ran. We Won. We Lied.

Last Saturday, Bobbie and I ran The Color Run 5K.

Neither of us had been out for a run since the Redbud - the week was insane, so The Color Run 5K was not our ideal training run.

For once, we were just going out to run "for fun!"

Once we crossed the finish line, Matt [Bobbie's husband] asked us how it went.

"We had so much fun. We ran the entire thing. In fact, we won! [pause. pause.] Oh by the way, there are two lies and one truth in that last sentence."

Bobbie brought this little munchkin, as well, to be our finish line crew. Cameron wasn't too sure about me until I took my sunglasses off and she realized it was me behind all of the color and my shades. I love little miss Cam! 

I do have to say that feeling like I couldn't run a 5K made the task of running 9 miles on Sunday a little more of a must. Turns out, I was actually able to do it!

9 days until the half marathon! 

xoxo, E

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