Monday, April 7, 2014

A-Okay 10K

I completed my first 10K race yesterday!! 

Bobbie, Tessa and I ran the Redbud Classic - in the chilly rain, no less. We are women, hear us roar!!

Prior to leaving the house, I texted Bobbie and asked her to send me a picture of what she was going to wear during the race. Always the funny lady, she added, "See the face I'm giving you?"

Naturally, my sass got the better of me... I sent her a mirror image [see what I did there?] of her pose with my version of her "I'm seriously doing this?" face.

All I have to say is, if you get the chance to run a race through Nichols Hills, do it. The residents came out in full force and cheered us on. That definitely kept me going when the rain started coming down harder and the miles started feeling longer. 

Their porta potties were also a cut above the rest...

One thing that had me giggling in the first mile was the digital "your speed" signs. Probably the only time they read 5, 6, 8 miles per hour. [Not sure what happened to the other half of the number in this photo. But this was an action shot.]

On the course, there was a mariachi band, a few people had live bands in their driveways - there was even a pirate themed water station. Mad props to the Redbud team for upping the entertainment factor for us!

The last 1.2 miles felt like 5 - probably because there were 3 substantial hills at the end. There was a lady in the last big group of people that I ran past before crossing the finish line who shouted, "You're almost there! You're almost there!" As I got past the group, I heard a child's voice say, "No you're not!" Ornery little kid. 

Literally, the moment I crossed the finish line, my phone died. Hallelujah for good timing!!

Speaking of timing, this girl finished 6.2 miles in 1 hour and 4 minutes. Woop woop! Praying so [SO] hard for a dry day during the half-marathon.

I also ran into a few friends at the race - it was super fun to see them on the course - and one friend even said some encouraging words [as he passed me] about a quarter mile from the finish line. 

We're less than 3 weeks away from the half marathon and only 12 days away from the deadline for my 25 while 25 list. [Speaking of, I've got some fun updates for you on Wednesday!]

April is already flying by.

xoxo, E

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