Saturday, June 8, 2013

Stepping into Summer

There's something about summer that takes my desire to shop to all new heights. I don't know if it's the cute sandals, the flowy dresses or the bright colors, but all I know is that shopping is at the forefront of my mind at most (read: all) times.

As a former J.Crew employee, I can definitely appreciate the price of quality. However, being a former J.Crew employee - emphasis on former - I can no longer shop the deliciously preppy place, sans discount. It hurts my wrist to swipe the card knowing the price I could be spending - or rather what I could be saving!

Nevertheless, J.Crew is one of the sites I window shop most often. Kate Spade is high on the list as well these days. Recently, after two of my favorite pairs of sandals walked their last walk - goes to show just how often I wear sandals - I started perusing the internet for some new footwear. 

Have you discovered Sole Society? It's a new find for me, and I'm loving the price point. I also have a little girl crush on Julianne Hough and this sandal from her collection is on my wish list for sure!
And while we are on the topic of Miss Hough's collection, I feel a very strong need to have these beauties in my closet come fall.
I should be ashamed to admit that I navigate to Kate Spade's sale section daily... I may also have the inventory nearly memorized, but that's neither here nor there.

This stunning bag has been on sale for quite a while now, and I just keep wishing and hoping that the price will get cut to something that I can rationalize splurging on. Vicky has an ostrich bag from Kate Spade, and every since I held that beauty in my hands, I felt the calling that I needed one too. I am just thinking of others (ie, my closet) here!

And while we're on the topic of Kate, how perfect are these shoes and the color combos?!

 In keeping with bright colors and bold prints pattern that is my life, I'm hardcore crushing on this polka dot dress from J.Crew Factory.

These J.Crew collection shoes are simply to die for...and they're on sale... and J.Crew is doing an additional 25% off sale. I can squeeze down half a size and wear an 8.5 right? Right?!

All of this started because 2 of my summer staple shoes had to be buried... in a dumpster... how tragic! I am "needing" a replacement, and luckily I found the perfect second generation loves.

The Sam Edelman GIGI sandal is the music of my soul - with far too many colors to choose from, I feel these three color combos cover (most) of my basic needs

I love heels - read: LOVE - but sometimes, the feet can only handle so much torture. Enter the perfect summer wedge. My cork wedges from the Crew lasted me a good couple of seasons, then they bit the dust... while I was walking back from a meeting in downtown... tragic. I love this new take on my favorite wedge!

So... who wants to go shopping with me this weekend?! I'm looking at you Kimmy.
Have a great weekend! It's film festival time in OKC, so I'm ready to party hardy!
xoxo, E

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