Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Couldn't live without... turned hodge podge

"Carolina girls, best in the world. You're so fine, girl you're one of a kind..."
(The ringtone for when my mom is calling)
"Hey Momma!"
"I think I messed up..."

No good conversation starts that way. Long story short, Momma plugged Nanny's iPhone into our home computer to update her software and accidentally syned Nanny's phone with Momma's iPhone backup. All of Nanny's contacts - and apps - were gone.

I tried to keep calm, but all I could think was, "why is there no 'undo' button in iTunes?!" 

What did I do next? Call Kimmy's hubby, Erick. Once an Apple Genius, always an Apple Genius.

He told me that if Nanny was using iCloud, we should be able to erase and restore her phone from the backup. Naturally, I thought, "There's no way Nanny uses iCloud - I don't even know how to use it."

Fortunately, I was wrong and we were able to get all her data back in a couple easy steps. I've never heard such relief and excitement in my Momma's voice.

Moral of the story: Eliz, figure out how to use iCloud. (Don't worry, I back up my phone to my computer, but you never know if it'll give out one day too)

This got me thinking though, when it comes to my phone, if it crashed, how helpless would I feel? What would I not be able to live without?
  • Contacts - I don't know anyone's phone number outside of my parents, Nanny and our office. Thank goodness for Twitter and Facebook in case of emergency!
  • Photos - This is a biggie. I take oh so many photos. If I lost them, I think I'd have an emotional breakdown
  • Calendars - I feel like I am constantly looking at my calendar on my phone - I really need to have a paper copy as well, ya know, in case of emergency
  • Group text - This is definitely a luxury, and wouldn't be affected if all my phone data disappeared, but I've grown quite accustomed to group texts - especially with my DOKC girls - and I would definitely feel its absence

Random Sidenote: Had a pretty awesome moment yesterday while doing a walkthrough for an event. Chef Rick Bayless is coming to OKC next Monday to participate in an event to raise money for tornado victims. 

Well, today, I was able to contain my starstruck-ness enough to be calm and cool in front of Chef Pork Belly (as he's known on Twitter). His look is unmistakeable, and the tattoo of a pig on his forearm is pretty darn recognizable too. Not to mention my obsession with Top Chef - he was a contestant.

We even had a fun little inside joke involving pivots and jazz hands. Loving this Vine video of our meeting. 

This is turning into such a hodge podge post - apologies! 

Yesterday was Kimmy's birthday, and I stopped by her office to surprise her. These might be two of the best pictures of us - pure silliness! She's the only girl I know who's developed a hashtag for the entire month of her birth. #MonthOfKim

Roo Roo is my favorite guy in town... look at those eyes! Ferr has been a little under the weather lately, so I've been hanging out with the dudes a lot and helping out.
We did a little scouting for one of the items on my 25 while 25 list this weekend. Can't wait to share it with you tomorrow! Pretty sure I'll be able to check something off the list soon! xoxo, E

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