Wednesday, June 12, 2013

deadCENTER Film Festival

I had an absolute blast during my first deadCENTER Film Festival experience last weekend! I think my favorite film of the weekend was "Finding Hillywood" - and then there were a couple that left me white knuckled and a little scared to sleep at night, "Favor" and "The Jogger."


I met the actor from "Favor" at the Buffalo Lounge party on Friday night, and we took a photo together. Good thing too. Had I seen the movie first, I would've been FAR too scared to even stand nearby! 

The parties were only slightly more fun than the movies - well, maybe a little more than slightly. My camera - as well as my dancing and lip syncing skills - definitely got a workout!


We dubbed Saturday "comfy movie day" - and I decided to chill on a snail 
while waiting for our theatre to open up. 

The "original" photos below were my favorites - until I saw the "behind the scenes" photos that the director of the Arts Festival captured. I can't stop giggling!

I had a great time and can't wait for next year's festival and films!!
xoxo, E

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