Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Chef Rick Bayless, Ladies and Gentlemen

After the May 20th tornado came through Oklahoma, our amazing state came together to raise as much money as possible for aid organizations.

Over the last 2 weeks, I've had the pleasure of being on the planning committee for one of the OK Chefs Relief events. This event in particular featured Rick Bayless...  I'll pause for squeals, "oh my gosh" moments and possibly fainting... Well, that was pretty much my reaction when I found out he was coming back to OKC.

This is my favorite picture of Jilly - and Chef Jonathon Stranger. She obviously knew I was taking this "candid planning meeting" pic and couldn't contain her giggles. 

There were 3 events on the agenda for Monday, June 24th. The first event, the one we were a part of, was a street taco event. Since the event was on the plaza of our office building downtown, we took on the responsibility for the event setup logistics.

What all does that entail? Well, it meant hanging out with my Kimmy at 6am on Monday morning to get the prep space ready for the chefs.


Grills being delivered over the weekend

Once we had the patio all set, the chefs arrived and started loading in their food and supplies. After a quick staff meeting, I was back out on the patio and had to contain my excitement when I spotted him... Chef Rick Bayless, ladies and gentlemen!

I felt like I was back at Disney World as a child... Mommacita and Papas always had to say, "Go on up there honey, ask the character for their autograph!" I finally worked up the courage to ask Rick for a photo. He was so kind and obliged! Eek!!!

The street tacos were absolutely delicious, and I'm totally in love with the sauce from the chicken taco. Turns out I can buy it at Whole Foods! Yippee!!

This was an incredibly successful event, and we raised a lot of money for Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma! Here are all of the amazing chef's that made the event possible!

Oh, Rumble also showed up at the event - we know I'm a pretty big fan...

... and it turns out Rick Bayless is too!

We had such a great time at this event, and even though it was a pretty hot Oklahoma day, it was well worth it to work with great chefs and raise money to help those in need! xoxo, E

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