Monday, July 1, 2013

A 25w25 Goal Completed!

Number 23 on my "25 while 25" list is complete! 
As a reminder, #23 is "Take a day and walk all seven of the downtown districts." 

I took a photographer with me to help document the journey - we started the walk around 8:15pm, 
so I apologize for the darker shots towards the end. Post-sunset walking meant cooler temps, but 
poorer pics!
District #1: Automobile Alley - corner of 9th and Broadway

District 2: Park Plaza - my favorite clock tower

District 3: Arts District - Oklahoma City Museum of Art

District 4: Film Row

District 5: Central Business District - the lovely and historic Colcord Hotel. 
Let's not talk about the people sitting in the restaurant and on the patio to my right. 
I'm sure they were thinking "Why the heck is that girl taking pictures of herself? And why 
is she holding up the number 5?"

District 6: Bricktown - 
Let's also not talk about how I was standing in the middle of the street posing for this pic.

District 7: Deep Deuce - love these lights at LEVEL

Okay, so Midtown isn't technically a downtown district, but I love it so much. 
I simply had to include it in my urban walk route!
(Side note: This has to be one of the ugliest spots in Midtown - but I love the huge sculpture for the pic)

It feels really good to already have something checked off my "25 while 25" list. Wahoo!! 
Happy Monday! xoxo, E

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