Friday, July 12, 2013

5 Things Friday

1. I finally finished "Wedding Night" - seriously, Sophie Kinsella does it again.

2. I spent some time this week accessorizing my new living rooms shelves. To start, I pulled out the Kate Spade boxes I've been collecting for the past year or so... I didn't realize I had quite so many!
Here's the final arrangement! Yes, those are Russian President nesting dolls on the 3rd shelf down. 

3. Getting dressed after a shopping weekend in NYC is always so much fun! 

4. I get to hang out with Kelly this weekend, for the first time in I don't KNOW how long! I'm pretty crazy excited!

5. I'm going to attempt the incredible (for me) feat of trimming the bushes in the front of my house this weekend. They are a little out of control. I've got lots of Benedryl standing by. #NotAnOutdoorGirl #DIY

Happy weekend!! xoxo, E

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