Sunday, September 29, 2013

Life according to...

Life has been crazy... You know how I know?

Life according to my laundry room:
1. the clothes that are currently going in the dryer have been "reset" 3 times to get the wrinkles out because I've forgotten they were in there.
2. the tubs and boxes that I moved to my laundry room, while I got my garage drywalled, were just recently moved back out to the garage - even though the work was finished a week (or two... or three...) ago. Ok fine, the work was finished on September 4th.

Life according to my guest bedroom:
1. the pile of "recently worn" clothes on the bed is insane - and don't get me started on the 4 piles of clean, folded laundry - obviously, I didn't forget those were in the dryer. I promise there's a twin bed under all that.
2. the amount of jewelry on top of my dresser isn't because I've been in a rush (or too lazy) to put it away - it's a much more efficient way for me to survey what I have. (please just smile and nod along with me)

Life according to my blog:
1. my last post was July 12th
2. enough said

Life according to my Instagram: (okay, this is where it'll get fun!)
  • I got to interview Chris Wiser, of the Sugar Free Allstars - as well as someone who has become a dear friend - about his kindie rock festival Wiggle Out Loud.

Can we be real here for a second? The wind was CRAZY the day we filmed - Gentry and I both did our best to keep our hair looking flowy - but I'm pretty sure it just looked crazy... and let's also acknowledge that my totally adorable top is totally unflattering in this video. Boo.

  •  I took a little road trip and visited a Route 66 landmark
  • The new KOSU studios opened in downtown OKC
  • I had a blast with friends at our monthly food truck festival. #OKCNightMarket
  • We had two kick booty events in one weekend at work - one, we got to deliver free ice cream to downtown employees, while driving Smart cars. The other, we had an awesome family-friendly festival on the Bricktown Canal.

  • Sidenote: how awesome is this caricature by Quit Nguyen of the ladies on our DOKC staff!
  • We started a new monthly event in the historic Automobile Alley district - called Shop Hop - and it was a HUGE success!
  • We turned parking spaces downtown into mini parks - or parklets.
  • The mayor even stopped by our parklet in the heart of downtown!
  • Oh, I also started a part-time job at the cutest boutique downtown, Bow & Arrow. I work for 5 hours each Saturday and my wardrobe is already thanking me!
  • I have started helping out more at The Spy. Ferr and I recorded some spots to promote the "Art on the Record" project for KOSU's new studios. 

Have I totally overwhelmed you with pictures? It's been a crazy couple of months, and the next couple will be even crazier! But this is the time of year that I love my job the most. The holidays are quickly approaching and we have a bunch of upcoming events! I really want to be better about updating my blog, so feel free to send me a text or two (Mommacita, Kimmy and Bobbie, I'm looking at you) to keep me accountable...

I better go fold those clothes in the dryer - the timer went off 20 minutes ago.
xoxo, E


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  2. That's my girl!!! Working all the time!! Good genes!!

  3. You are just my fave - love when you blog!!