Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Road Trippin' to the Big D

One of my favorite things to do is take a road trip. I think my love of hitting the open road started when I was in college. When you're making a 17 hour drive to/from NC to/from OK - and that one summer from OK to CA and back - it's inevitable you'll fall in love with the experience. Because, let's face it, the only other option is to be miserable in the car. That's not our style.

Back to my original statement, I love road trips. This past weekend, I jumped on I-35S and was bound for Dallas. The Big D is one of my favorite cities for sure. The shopping and restaurants are great - and it's fun to have a mini-adventure outside of my dear, sweet Oklahoma. Plus, I had a couple projects in mind that only Dallas could help me achieve.

First stop: Ikea.
I have mastered Ikea furniture assembly in the past - example, the white tv stand (partially) pictured below - so when I noticed I had an awkward corner in my living room that "just needed something" and I remembered these lovelies from Rachel at Pencil Shavings, and I just knew an Ikea shelf would be the answer to my dilemma!
Isn't this how every Ikea project looks in the beginning?

The finished product - now all I need to do is spray paint the frame and accessorize 
the shelves to my little heart's content. 
I've got my eye on some new frames to add to the mix! Specifically thisthis, oh and this one too. I'm pretty sure I've got a set of books that these would look great on either end of. Can you tell I'm a little in love with Jonathan Adler? Especially his Happy Chic line for JCP!

I can also add another "new taste" to my 25 while 25 list after this weekend. I finally tried Eggs Benedict - and I have to say, I'm a fan!

One of my other Dallas projects for the weekend was to spend the Crate & Barrel housewarming gift card that Uncle Bill and Aunt Lynn sent me. I've been dreaming of a waffle maker ever since Mommacita and I went to Florence. Well, the time - and free money - had come to make this dream a reality.

I cannot wait to get this baby warmed up and cranking out waffles. 
Who wants to come over for breakfast, dinner or a snack?!

So excited to hop on a jet plane to meet Mommacita in NYC on Thursday!! xoxo, E

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