Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Brain Dump

I have a lot of thoughts running through my head, and so I have a teeny tiny fear that this is going to be a brain dump post.

#1: I got a pedicure tonight - and I have a few comments about the experience.

a.) If I tell you that I just want the "regular" pedicure and not the "pay $10 more for each add-on service like paraffin, hot towels or sugar scrub" pedicure, please continue to treat me like a paying customer because... well... I am still a paying customer.

b.) When you get to the "scrub my feet" portion of the service, and you ask me if I want you to use the razor, do you really think I'm going to say "yes" after the attitude you gave me for the "regular" pedicure choice? Heck no lady! I want to keep some of the skin on the bottom of my feet.

c.) Woman - my cuticles do not need to be jack-hammered - a gentle push will do just fine. OUCH!

d.) Even with all of this mess, the massage chair was wonderful and my gray toe nails look FAB!

#2: Pinterest is one of my favorite sites. It never fails that I will learn something, be inspired or let out a loud (some might say obnoxious) burst of laughter.

Today's laughter pin was courtesy of this little guy - I couldn't contain the laugh - and I couldn't stop laughing.

I am a big fan of quotes - it's a little bit ridiculous. And this one caught my attention today. I really struggle with fear and it was a good reminder that I have faith in the One that can conquer all fears.

#3 I have a real problem with "tearing myself down." I have driven my momma CRAZY with all the times I have said the following - or a derivation of it - "I hate that picture of me" or "You can totally tell that I have one cheek chubbier than the other." I swear people, it's true. I do.

I come across as a confident person, and I really am, but I do have the tendency to say negative things about myself. I don't know if it's one of those things where I think that if I say it, others can't hurt me if they think it?

Another example is, any time I am in a situation where I don't know 110% I will succeed, or I think I might not be the best, I immediately start saying "It's going to be horrible" or "It's not going to work." I think it's an instance where if I prepare myself for "failure," then it won't be such a disappointment if it happens - and it'll be a great surprise if I do indeed succeed.

Ok, Debbie Downer portion concluded - it's just something that's been on my mind.

Thursday is my "Friday" this week - and the weekend ahead is going to be GREAT! I'm going to Dallas with le boy and his parentals. I'll go to my first Razorback game... and my first Dallas Cowboys game!! I'm really excited for the Cowboy Stadium experience :)

Do you have fun weekend plans??

Live life glamorously,

p.s. I totally fell in love with this hat at Gap tonight. But I exercised willpower and walked away!

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