Monday, September 5, 2011

Here Comes BULLET!

I have been given the opportunity to attend Oklahoma State football games - le boy's dad is an alumni with Pistol Pete Club Level season tickets.

When M and I were "just friends," I went to my first college football game and was bitten by the bug. Lucky for me, after we started dating, I had an invite to all home games.

Well, this past Saturday was the kickoff of the season! GO POKES!!

I love every minute of the experience. When we first arrive, we meander through the outdoor OSU vendor shops. Then, about 2 hours before the game starts, we check-in and head up to the club level to have dinner. This time the choices were Mexican and BBQ. Yum. After chatting - and cooling off in the A/C - we went outside to take our seats.

I get particularly excited when the Cowboys score. Aside from the advance in score, Bullet comes out to celebrate the mini-victory. I'm a BIG Bullet fan. I always yell (with the announcer), "Heeeeeeere Coooooomes Bullet!" So you can have a mini-experience as well, here is a video following a touchdown and the "extra-point kick" (I'm sure there's a real name for that, lol).

Normally, M and I like to dress "fancy" for the games. He will wear a nice pair of trousers and a button down, and when the weather is a bit cooler, I will wear tights, a skirt or dress and heels. However, with the 101 degree temps forecast, I decided that might not be the best idea. I really wanted something with Pistol Pete on it, and we did some last minute shopping on Saturday.

I found a super cute dress and M bought me a flower for my hair.

I think we look pretty cute :), and as an added bonus, I got a lot of compliments!

Did you cheer for a certain team this weekend??

Live life glamorously,


  1. I love the blog! So glad your Mammacita shared it with's like I get to spend a little one-on-one time with you! I am a HUGE Gamecock fan (have been since birth!) and it was a very good weekend for us! We played and WON at the Panther's Stadium! Woohoo!!!

  2. P.S. You and Marcus are adorable together!!!!