Friday, September 9, 2011

Be the Waving Wheat

Papas flew out to OKC on Wednesday night to go to the Thursday night OSU game with M and me. It was so fun to expose him to the way the Sams family does football games. He was like a kid at Christmas and picked up on all of the chants and "traditions" of the OSU fans instantly.

He was decked out for the game and definitely looked like a Poke!

He even got excited to see Bullet - who we have already established is my favorite thing about the games. Although, yesterday's experience might be a close second. We were out walking around the campus as the marching band was heading into the stadium. I caught a quick video to share with you!

My favorite part was when the tuba players started dancing - it was great!! M and Papas chuckled when I said, "I think the marching band kids are just as cool as the football players!" Yet another example of my overly zealous enthusiasm.

We had such a great time at the game - and it was really cute to see how Papas soaked it all in and how M did everything he could to make it the wonderful experience that it was.

Live life glamorously - and cheer loudly!

p.s To explain the title of this post - Papas learned to "wave the wheat" when the Cowboys scored a touchdown. What that means is: you wave your arm back and forth - therefore the whole stadium looks like wheat waving in the wind - I don't get it, but whatever :)

p.p.s. I couldn't do a post without a silly pic of M and I.

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