Friday, September 23, 2011

Moves like Jagger

I'm a little bit sleepy this morning as I type, so I apologize if there are any typos in this post. Usually I am meticulous in looking for them, but I might miss some in my current state of "I want to get back in bed and sleep some more."

Last night, M and I went to see Train and Maroon 5 in concert.

We had SO much fun and the music was great. I think we moved and grooved for three hours straight. The concert was outside at the Zoo Amphitheatre, and the weather could not have been better. It was really cold and rainy yesterday morning, but at about lunch time, the sky opened up and it was perfect.

Even though we arrived at about 7:15 - after the opening act (we had to grab dinner after I got off work) - we still were able to get pretty close to the stage. I should have taken a picture of the massive crowd behind us to give you perspective. Oh well.

Train put on a great performance, and they did my two favorite songs, so I was a happy girl. Marcus was really excited that they did an Aerosmith cover - and I learned something new about le boy :) Who knew he was a Steven Tyler fan?!

While waiting for Train to break down and Maroon 5 to set up, we took some pictures to document the evening...

I liked this one best.

But M preferred this one, it was pre-concert.

I think it's only fair that a pic I thought was good of me (top one) and one that he thinks is good of him (bottom one) are shared. Even though we both swear both pictures are good of the other. Why are we so critical of ourselves? Hmm, leave that for another post, another time.

I squealed when Maroon 5 opened with "Moves like Jagger" - and Adam sang "Misery" early on in the set as well. I turned around and looked at M and said, "I'm a happy girl! I've heard all the songs I wanted to hear." But then, as they kept singing I realized there were more I was excited to hear too.

My favorite part of the night, I must admit, was probably doing the Maroon 5 performance. M stood behind me, and he sang the words to almost every song. I love listening to that boy sing, and he won't do it by himself very often. But apparently, in a crowd of 7,000+, he thinks he is safe from being heard - but I got to have my own Marcus concert last night :)

I am so thankful for the kind gift of the tickets from a friend. We had a great night - and the week keeps getting better... it's FRIDAY!!

Live life glamorously,

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