Friday, September 16, 2011

Is it too early?

Is it too early to start my letter to Santa?

Most girls love summer time. This girl is not one of them. Now don't get me wrong, I love a cute skirt or Lily print, however, my heart pitter patters a little bit faster when the temperature heads south of 65 degrees... which it did this week in OKC.

Sweaters, scarfs, tights, boots, vests and coats - oh the coats. I'm ashamed to admit - or even count - the number of coats I have. Mommacita has pretty much banned me from purchasing anymore "outstanding outerwear." I can't help myself, I have a love affair with Fall and Winter clothes.

It's the layers - oh how I love the layers.

Well, as usual (I kid, I kid), I have been a VERY good girl this year. Christmas came early for me - in July - with the gift of my beauty of a living room rug. I still smile so big every time I see it - walk on it - photograph it - anything concerning it.

But in case Santa is a blog reader, I thought it couldn't hurt to share some of my favorite, "I wish I had," items.

These J.Crew skirts are perfect for the fall/holiday seasons - it's a good thing I don't still work there!

I love me a puffer vest - well, J.Crew has switched it up a bit this year with the quilted vest. I am a sucker for navy, but I swoon for this olive green color.

And is it excessive to say I want this sweater... in both colors?
Obviously, the orange is perfect for OSU games - but the other color would be très cute under the green vest above, no?

Do you hear me Santa? I promise to make you extra yummy chocolate chip cookies this year... and leave plenty of carrots for the reindeer!!

How early do you start your Christmas wish list?

I've also started my lists for my friends and family - the season of giving is my favorite!! And this chilly weather is getting me in the holiday mood.

Live life glamorously,

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