Sunday, September 4, 2011

I have a dream...

... to be an editor of a magazine.

I love magazines. There is something about holding the latest issue in my hand -- a rush comes over me of excitement and anticipation to find out what awaits me on the perfectly styled and photographed pages.

I live in a dreamland as I turn each page. I see myself walking down 5th Avenue in this Burberry trench ::flip page:: with those Chanel shades ::flip page:: carrying that Prada bag - and of course, I'm pounding the pavement in peep-toe Louboutins.

I always look for a reason to dress up. I'm happier in a dress and heels than I am in almost anything else. I am that girlie girl. In high school people would say "why are you so dressed up today?" At the time, I would always try to come up with a "real" reason - now, I will say "oh no reason!" - but what I'm really thinking is "Why NOT be dressed up today?!"

Life is as glamorous as you make it - and if I can fancy my life up a bit with a dress and the perfect pair of shoes, I most certainly will.

As I flipped through the September issues - the best thing about September in my opinion - I stumbled upon ads that perfectly sum up my fashion mentality.

Ann Taylor Loft did a series of "This is You. This is Now." ads. I snapped a picture of this one because I loved the top, but the other print ads had a touch more glamor like walking down a city street, getting out of a taxi cab, etc.

When I am out shopping, I like to pretend "where would I wear this?" And usually, the answer is a much more glamorous situation than what my daily life entails, but I love fashion and make it work.

This ad is another that showcases my fashion mentality. "Turn every entrance into an appearance." LOVE.

What do you do to make your day extra special and a little bit glamorous?

Live life glamorously,

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  1. Wow I feel the exact same way about magazines and it is also my dream to be an editor. I used to feel weird about being the most dressed up (my sister and I even had fights over saying "more casual" haha) but now I relish the chance to get all dolled up and not let my Loubis collect dust!
    I wish magazine ads weren't so ethereal and I could actually picture myself wearing the clothes and accessories more often- I hate when the models are underwater or on a yacht or skydiving or something equally sartorially unrealistic. Dream sequences are great, but it doesn't help me afford Hermes or get me closer to DVF!