Thursday, September 8, 2011

On a Buffalo Hunt

Le boy is one of the best things that has ever happened to me - and he definitely appreciates my "enthusiasm" about certain things in life.

For example, he is a big fan of politics (personally, I think there may be politics in his future, but I digress) and has recently encouraged me to watch the GOP debates with him.

Well, both times I have gotten a bit "feisty" and spoken - in an elevated volume - to specific candidates, as if they can hear me through the TV. I am very opinionated regarding certain issues and how the candidates treat one another. I will not share my specific views here, but I really think there should only be 3 candidates in the race.

Anyway... whenever I yell something at the TV, M will laugh or his jaw will drop in shock at my rants. But to my comfort, he assures me that, "It's cute how feisty you get. I love that you're so opinionated."

Back to my original statement: He appreciates my "enthusiasm" about certain things in life. Well, in my life in OKC, one of those things is the painted buffalo statues around the city. I have a goal to have my picture taken (and M wants his done too) with all of them. So, on Sunday we went on a scouting trip:

The UPS One

This one is my favorite - it is completely covered in glass stones and the horns are blown glass - obviously it's behind closed doors, but so pretty!

Jackson Pollock Buffalo

This one is kind of ugly...

The corral of buffalo

There are a few more in the city that we didn't snap pictures of, but I think we are ready to go out for our Okie-glamorous buffalo accessorized photo shoot!

What I learned from this day is that love is not only patient and kind, but it is also indulgent and supportive of buffalo obsessions - aka, I have one selfless boy in my life.

Life life glamorously,

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  1. There used to be one on OCU campus! It sat right in front of the Administration building, but they moved it somewhere when I was freshman. Wish I knew where it went so I could help you snap a shot!