Thursday, September 15, 2011

Missoni Mayhem

Well, it is no secret that the Missoni for Target line caused mass chaos across the country. Rumor has it (and by "rumor," I mean Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc.) that all stores were sold out in a matter of 10 minutes.

It is amazing to me the crazy behavior that surrounded this designer line. I have read/heard many stories about women grabbing as much product as they could and loading up their carts... all to turn around and sell it on ebay for double and triple the price.

While M and I walked around Target last night, we saw all of the shelves stripped bare of Missoni products. It is so disheartening to me to think of the pure greed that surrounded the actions of the shoppers described above.

It is so sad to me that the shoppers that made the effort to go to Target missed out on the opportunity to purchase the product they so desired... at the price Target intended.

All that being said, I have a wonderful boy in my life who wanted to spoil me with Missoni - even though I wasn't TOTALLY sold on the idea of the bold zig zag print.

As I said before, almost everything was sold out. I am the proud owner of the following Missoni for Target items:

I love, love, love these silk PJ pants

And I got 2 of these storage boxes - This pattern and color combination is my favorite of the lot.

M also got me a pair of brown textured/patterned tights.
I might even wear them today with the 60 degree weather that we're supposed to get!

I am so lucky to have a man in my life that appreciates fashion and wants to spoil me too :)

Live life glamorously - and think of others more than yourself,

p.s. I have to share a pic of this too, too cute zig zag jumper dress hanging on the left- it took all my willpower not to buy for a future daughter - I kid! Kind of...

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