Thursday, January 22, 2015

Let's Go to the Zoo!

No. 12 on my 26 while 26 list is "Go to the Zoo to See the New Baby Elephant."

I took full advantage of the unseasonably warm weather this past weekend and went to the zoo with my favorite little lady -- and a few of my favorite adults too!

I can't help but turn into a kid whenever I'm at the zoo.

Exploring the zoo with Miss Cam is one of my favorite things to do.  It's funny to see the animals through her eyes and hear her little comments. She wanted me to carry her for a good deal of this visit, so I got to hear even more of her little comments in my ear as we walked.

As per usual, we looked for all of the bronze statues and took pictures with most. 

"Why?" was asked by the little three year old a lot on this trip. "Why is that gorilla eating a leaf? Why is he scratching his arm? Why is he sleeping?" 

As we approached the [real] gorillas, I mentioned something about looking for the baby like we did last time, but noted that he might be more of a toddler now. 

"Well, he might have grown up like you have. You're not a baby anymore, so he might not be either." 
"That's right! And one day I'm going to be a big girl, just like you!" 

Oh sweet Cam girl, you melt my heart. 

I took off running as we approached the elephant exhibit. I seriously love these creatures an insane amount!

Once we got to the top of the ramp, we noticed that the baby elephant (Achara) was fast asleep on a bed of hay. It was hilarious to watch her mom eat the hay around her and then finally start nudging Achara with her trunk. Finally, the baby woke up from her nap and popped up to her feet faster than any 350 pound animal should be able to move. I was impressed!

It was adorable to watch her little trunk move and swing all over the place while she walked and attempted to pick up some hay. She's just so cute!!!

After the elephants, someone was getting a little hungry - not me this time! - but we made a quick stop to see the sea otters. As you can see, Miss Cam was excited for this stop. 

"Hey Buddy! Come here Mr. Otter. Over here buddy!"

I'm so glad I put a trip to the zoo on my 26 while 26 list. And I'm even happier that I got to share this outing with some of my favorite humans!

Even MORE 26 while 26 progress coming up tomorrow!

xoxo, E

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