Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas in New York

Happy 2015! 

It's been a wonderful couple of holiday weeks, and I'm definitely not ready to be heading back to work today. But alas, we must!

In an attempt to continue the bliss of the holidays for a few moments longer, allow me to share oh-so-many photos from our Christmas trip in New York City. 

Thanks to the wonderful generosity of one of my dad's clients, we spent five magical days at the St. Regis. And when I say magical, I mean MAGICAL. From the entrance to the hotel, to the decor in the lobby, to the room that took our breath away, it was sheer perfection. 

(Naturally, I fell in love with this gilded mailbox)

The moment we stepped off the elevator and I saw this hallway, well I knew we were in for a treat... I had NO idea how big of one though! You guys - the marble, the tile, the crown molding, the chandeliers, the mirrored surfaces, the huge bathtub (I could completely stretch out in it. This has never happened!) ... the everything!!

There was also a neat shop inside the hotel for the holidays. The red tree was decorated primarily in red sequined, gold plated, and ivory lobsters. I swooned!

Is there anything better than New York City at Christmas? I think not. The Christmas lights were spectacular and gave such a warm feeling as we walked around in the chilly evening air. 

The windows at Bergdorf Goodman were breathtaking. Each window paid homage to a form of entertainment - theatre, architecture, music, literature, photography, and of course my favorite, calligraphy!

After the season of various pop-up shops in OKC, I knew that I wanted to go and experience the pop-ups at Bryant Park. I'll tell ya, in my unbiased opinion, OKC does it better. But I can't complain, it was during this outing that I had one of the best crepes ever. Seriously, craving it as I type.

Rockefeller Center is always such a treat at Christmas, and I squealed when I saw this HUGE colored lights display. The iconic tree also didn't disappoint.

We also did our fair share of shopping - and I have to agree with this caution sign that I spotted in Kate Spade on Madison Ave. Very tempting indeed...

In all my glee over the Christmas lights, I almost forgot to tell you about the Broadway shows! We saw Pippin, The Last Ship, and On the Town. It was pretty cool to see Sting in his musical!

My dad was with us in NYC for the first half of the week, but it was just the girls for the second half. Unfortunately, it was about this time that I was "struck down" with one of the worst sinus infections I've ever had. Is there anything worse than being sick in NYC over Christmas? (I'm teasing, of course there is, but it was pretty lame.)

Silver lining: I always want my mom when I'm sick. Well, as horrible as it was to feel bad, it sure was nice to have her there to take care of me! We ventured out on Christmas Day to the Ziegfeld Theater to see "Into the Woods." Imagine our surprise when we came back with our tickets to discover that the line to get inside was wrapped around the city block. (What?!)

We chatted with a few people while we waited in line and found out that the Ziegfeld is a one-theater house that seats over 1,000 people. We were shocked! Also, I swear we went back in time to old Hollywood - people clapped throughout the movie and cheered at the credits. It was such a fun experience! (Pardon the terrible quality photo below, but I just had to capture the packed house.)

I hope that you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I've got a few fun posts lined up for you this week, and I'm excited to share some big news on Wednesday!

xoxo, E

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