Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Exploring Ft. Worth

This week on the blog is dedicated to 26 while 26! Over the 3-day weekend, I made some serious progress on the list.

First up: A day adventuring in Ft. Worth -- and a life lesson learned.

I have been making my Ft. Worth "wish list" for a few months, and I was armed with grand expectations and excitement to venture down on Saturday!

The weather was absolutely gorgeous on the drive down -- then this little devil passed us on the highway and the drive got even better... I squealed SO loud!!

[Apologies for dirty car windows!]

And then the daring duo road off into the sunset together... 

[Notice the dog bone break light on the back of the sidecar? Someone loves his dog!]

The goal was to be in the Stockyards by 11a.m. to see the cattle drive through the street. We got down there a little early and walked around to explore the area.

Then, after some safety instructions, we heard the crackling sound of a bull whip and the drive began!

After the drive, there was an opportunity to saddle up on a Longhorn. Naturally, I took full advantage of this experience!

After the Stockyards, we walked over to Billy Bob's to see the famous hand prints and the concert venue. I got so tickled - and a bit icked out - when I saw all the lipstick on Johnny Cash's square.

This is the point in the trip when the life lesson learning started... It was after Billy Bob's that we decided we wanted to head to Joe T. Garcia's and have some lunch on their famous patio. Once we got there, we found a pretty long line, so we decided to grab a snack and come back for a late lunch. 

In the meantime, we decided to venture down to Sundance Square. However, our route was redirected due to quite the horse parade. You guys, the traffic. It's as if everyone in Ft. Worth was trying to use this same route. Ugh, the traffic.

We finally made it to Sundance Square and walked around for a few minutes. Unfortunately, my feet were hurting quite a bit by this point, so my walk was more of a hobble. Such a beautiful area though!

By this time, I wasn't exactly at the point of hangry, but I was getting pretty close. After sitting in EVEN WORSE traffic for about 20 minutes, the [horrific] thought occurred to me, "What if the line at Joe T.'s is even worse now that the horse parade is over?"

A few frustrated-sighs-due-to-traffic later we arrived and... You. Guys. The line was UNRULY!

Out of stubbornness to keep to "the original plan," we got in line. After only moving two feet in 15 minutes - with probably another 100 feet of line to go - we scrapped our plan and got back in the car.

And then sat in more traffic...

You guys.

After a hunger-and-traffic-related "drama queen" moment, I decided that I just wanted to go home!

Life lesson: Things don't always go as planned. Rather than cutting your trip short, pack goldfish and be a little more laid-back next time!

So, I've still got a few Ft. Worth items left on my wish list, but I had a fantastic morning exploring. I'm still counting it as a city explored for 26 while 26!

Oh, one more silver lining: during the horse parade, these tiny little ponies pranced by. So cute!!

The rest of the long weekend was just the bees knees. I can't wait to share how I took full advantage of the beautiful weather weekend!!

xoxo, E

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