Thursday, January 15, 2015

Inaugural Stationery Crawl

When you have five days off from work at the start of the New Year like I did, well, those days beg for adventure!

I watched movies and too many episodes of Seinfeld. I worked on Loops & Belles. I ate breakfast for dinner. I got a massage. I had tacos with friends. It was a blast!

But the highlight of the weekend was, without a doubt, the inaugural Stationery Crawl. If you follow Loops & Belles on Instagram, you are already familiar with this adventure.

The goal of the day was to visit many of the locally owned stores in OKC that feature and sell paper products. You guys, basically it was a heavenly day of pursuit.

Ever since I started my business, the joy that I get from supporting other paper people has grown exponentially.

[Cue "We're All in this Together" from High School Musical]
Side note: I didn't remember the lip-syncing being that horrible. Apologies.

I definitely scored some snail mail gold during the Stationery Crawl. I've listed the stores below in case you're interested in visiting them.

Paper 'N More - 7600 North May Avenue, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
No Regrets - 9219 North Pennsylvania Avenue, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
A Date with Iris - 4201 North Western Avenue, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Occasions - 2001 W Main St # 119, Norman, Oklahoma
The Social Club - 209 East Main Street, Norman, Oklahoma
Collected Thread - 1705 Northwest 16th Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
DNA Galleries - 1709 Northwest 16th Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Of course there are more great stores in the OKC area, but these are just the ones that I visited during the Crawl! (Other favorites include: Chirps & Cheers, Plenty Mercantile, Ratio, and Dutch)

I had so much fun! I think this will be something that I continue when I travel to new cities. Oooh - imagine all the shops that I could visit on the road trip to North Carolina! Party!!

Is anyone else super pumped for the holiday weekend? I have big plans to help check a few more items off my 26 while 26 list.

xoxo, E

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