Monday, February 24, 2014

Woop Woop - Another Completed 25w25 Goal!

So, remember how I've said that my friends are awesome and helping me check things of my 25 while 25 list? Well, I have officially completed the "Try 25 New Tastes" goal!

Our office did a group lunch at Mr. Pho last week. The calendar request from Jilly was awesome: "We're having lunch at Mr. Pho - and it's for no reason except it's delicious. Definitely not because Elizabeth has never had pho." 

"Luckily" I wasn't very hungry when lunch rolled around - I've decided that's the best time for me to try new tastes - that way I'm not hangry (angry due to hunger) if I don't like the food. 

Brandi and Jill suggested I order the pho with chicken. I was very worried that this protein choice made me a wimp and I wasn't trying real pho. Always the critic... 

I decided that the chance to possibly like pho was more important than my courage to go authentic... so, I ordered the chicken. 

I have to be real honest with y'all - I did not love the first bite. Cilantro is probably my least favorite herb - next to Rosemary - and so the cilantro leaf in the first bite wasn't my smartest move. 

I love the fact that Joe caught the first bite on video!! (Pardon the low-quality of the screenshot from the Snapchat video below.)

My opinion of pho definitely got better the more bites I took. I added a little hoisin to the broth and that helped the flavor. 

My official review: It was a great first experience. I am not sure I'll crave pho, but I won't decline an offer to go again. And I actually think I'll be a little more "adventurous" next time with adding some Thai basil and jalapeƱos. 

While at lunch that day, AJ let me try a bite of his pad thai - no, I'd never had Thai food either - and it was delicious! I am definitely a fan. 

I was trying to snap a picture of everyone at the table on their phone -- ya know, because I'm constantly accused of always being on my phone -- a true accusation, but still! -- and then AJ caught me.

The taste that completed the list was courtesy of Kimmy! We went to see Megan Mullally in a show at Lyric at the Plaza last Thursday, and afterwards we went to The Mule for a late-night snack. I voted for cheese curds but then she suggested poutine. My internal "Yes! I can add it to my list!" went off and we ordered the Canadian dish. It was pretty good! 

I didn't take a picture of the food - and let's be honest, do a quick google image search and you'll see it wouldn't have been a pretty picture anyway - but we did take this silly pic when Erick (Kimmy's husband) texted to see if we were having a fun girls night. Love my sweet Kimmy!

Here's to doing a happy dance for the completion of another 25 while 25 goal! 

Only 54 days to complete what's left...

xoxo, E

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